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Have you ever had a hearing test or know someone who went through this process? Unfortunately, many who have, still feel confused or unsure about what to do next. A lot of people are also shocked when they first hear the cost of hearing aids.  This leads to many people into doing their own research, trying to find their best options. This in turn can lead to more time wasted, more confusion and even frustration.  After all this, how can you even be sure that you made the right choice? Industry wide, there is a 1 in 3 chance that the hearing aids that you paid for ends up in the drawer due to unsatisfactory long term performance! We do a lot better than that - more on this later..


That is why we are passionate about our first consultation with you. We have spent seven years developing and testing our hearing aid assessment process so that we can get it right from the start. We understand that by taking extra care and time, your long term outcome is MUCH better. In Fact, we get it right 94% of the time in the 90 minutes that we spend with you initially.

We have a very unique assessment process. We empower you to make the right decision.  A standard run of the mill hearing test includes testing how you hear in quiet and also considers your lifestyle. This limited information is then used to select what hearing aid and often leads to the most expensive options being recommended to the most socially active people.

We take this further and also measure your ability to hear in realistic noisy situations. We use all this information to pin-point the exact model that will address your needs, without having you waste money on features that won't add any benefit. Surprisingly you might actually end up needing to spend less on your ideal solution,  because we make sure you get what you need and it is often not necessarily the most expensive.  A recent in-house survey, showed that our clients are also at least 750% less likely , compared to the Industry standard (above), to stop using your hearing aids due to unsatisfactory performance.

For a limited time we are offering this Unique 90 Minute Assessment Complimentary (usually $95). This is a great opportunity to come and see that we are all about: YOU and YOUR successful long term outcome. 

Best of all, it comes without any obligations, so you can benefit from our recommendations without having to purchase anything from us. 

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Terms & Conditions

  •  The Free Assessment is ONLY available to Self Funded Australian Residents over the age of 26 Year old. Clients on pension and/or DVA card holders are entitled to free assessment under the Office of Hearing Services  and we have chosen not to be contracted under this service arrangement.
  • The Assessment does not include any adjustment of existing hearing aids you may own. Additional charges apply.
  • We cannot guarantee the outcome of our recommendations if the recommended devices are purchased elsewhere. This is because there is a great deal of skill and very specific follow-up processes that form part of our exceptional outcomes, which aren't normal processes elsewhere. 
  • Speech in noise testing can only be performed with mild through to severe hearing loss and requires the client to be able to repeat sentences in English
  • We are in no way affiliated with Facebook nor does Facebook endorse us or this promotion in any way.
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