Value Hearing is turning 10 Years old on 1 October 2019

Ten years go by so quickly when you’re having fun. We certainly could not have reached this milestone without the support of thousands of Australians who trusted us with their hearing health.

You can read the story of our journey here if you are interested.

Our Gift to you

We thought long and hard about the best way to celebrate our Birthday.

We decided we’d like to make top end hearing technology more affordable to everyone. So we spoke to the most popular suppliers and told them we’d like to offer some great prices on the best hearing aids. They graciously agreed to help us for a limited time because it is our Birthday.

The best models from Phonak, Oticon and Widex at 20% off plus…

So for a limited time, strictly ending 31 Otcober 2019, we are passing on these savings to you. This means you can now get Premium and Advanced range Phonak Marvel , Oticon OPN S and Widex Evoke Hearing aids from Value Hearing at 20% off our already competive prices. Not only that, but if you buy a pair of Phonak Marvel, Oticon OPN S & SIYA or Widex Evoke of any level, then we will throw in a free TV Connector worth up to $320!

These prices include testing, fitting, Follow-ups, Batteries, 3 Year warranty as well as our 3 year aftercare service as well as our 60 day FULL money back guarantee. So no corners are being cut and there are no hidden costs.

How to make use of this offer

Simply book an appointment for a Free comprehensive Hearing Aid Assessment or Hearing Aid Discussion (if you’ve seen us before) and we will check your hearing and advise on the right model.

If you already know which model you’d like, then simply request a quote here. We’ll email you the discounted price as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 586 104 during office hours.

Once you’re happy with the price, then you are welcome to make a complimentary Hearing Aid Assessment appointment (we need accurate results to ensure accurate fitting)

Book early to avoid disappointment


  • This offer is not valid to anyone who purchased the same models previously. The suppliers will be looking out for returns and reorders to avoid misuse of their temporary discount offer.
  • The discounts only apply to Phonak M90, Phonak M70, Oticon OPN S 1, Oticon OPN S 2, Widex Evoke 440 & Widex Evoke 330 hearing aid models of any style.
  • All hearing aids provided under this promotion are brand new and genuine models sourced from the respective Australian group companies of the participating suppliers.
  • We do not offer free trials. Instead we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee on any hearing aids purchased. You also have the option to exchange at the same discount (only on the applicable models) as long as the exchange occurs prior to 31 October 2019.
  • Any models exchanged after the 31st of October will not receive the same discount and will be exchanged at out normal pricing. So the sooner you come in, the better.
  • These discounts also apply to persons making use of the HSP voucher scheme.
  • The Free TV connector offer is available if you purchase a pair of Phonak Marvel, Oticon OPN S, Oticon SIYA, Widex Evoke 440, Widex Evoke 330, Widex Evoke 220 or Widex Evoke 110.
  • A free TV connector is only supplied if the hearing aid purchased is compatible with the Connector. e.g. Widex CIC is not compatible with their TV connector nor is SIYA CIC compatible with the Oticon TV Connector.
  • Discounts or TV connector cannot be exchanged for cash
  • No further discounts apply.
  • All orders MUST be placed by the 31st of October 2019. Early bookings essential to avoid disappointment.






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