Our Full Disclosure

Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions is owned by a University trained and Audiology Australia registered clinical audiologist who adheres to the code of Ethics of Audiology Australia and expects his staff to do the same.

We are independent of any hearing aid manufacturer and have no financial links with any of them. This gives our clinicians freedom of choice to select the brand and model that suits your hearing loss the best, when hearing aids are indicated.

Our clinicians are all University trained and professional association members, adhering to their code of Ethics.

No client is ever forced to buy a hearing aid. You need to be motivated to proceed with amplification otherwise a successful outcome is unlikely.


Our clinicians have a choice of either a fixed salary or one based on a small client satisfaction bonus.

When a bonus payment is selected, our clinicians receive an insignificant client satisfaction bonus of around $70 per device independent of price of device or level of technology. This bonus is deducted if the client is unhappy with their hearing aids and the hearing device is returned. The fact that this amount is fixed, means the clinician is free to describe appropriate technology in line with our hearing aid selection process, rather than one which will make them more commission. The fact that it is a small amount means that the clinician is not pressured to hard sell. So you only get prescribed hearing aids when appropriate, and never get up-sold for the sake of making more profit. We discourage prescribing clients who are unlikely to benefit as we actually run a loss on the time spent if a client returns their devices.

We offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee and actively measure your outcome to ensure that you only keep the solution if it is working for you. A hearing aid in our drawer is better than one in yours.

We actively follow-up with you every 6 months post fitting to ensure you are receiving long term benefit.


Hearing aids do not restore hearing, they are designed to improve quality of life when selected and fitted appropriately. Uniquely in the industry, we use a hearing aid selection process that indicates what level of technology is most appropriate, even when it is a low cost option.


Christo Fourie


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