Hearing Aid Types

There are various different styles and types of hearing aids to suit different levels of hearing loss, with different capabilities and features. Click through on the types of hearing aids listed below for more information on each, including advantages and disadvantages, how they work and who they are best suited to.


Behind the ear hearing aid (BTE)

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

The most common hearing aid type is the Behind The Ear hearing aid, recognisable from their compact case which sits right behind the ear. Durable, easy to clean and maintain and ease of use are just some of the advantages of the BTE hearing aid…Learn more.



Completely In The Canal Hearing Aid

Completely In The Canal Hearing Aids

Virtually invisible and one of the more aesthetically pleasing hearing aid type, CIC hearing aids are most suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They’re custom made for the wearer with a high quality and natural sound….Learn more.



In The Canal Hearing Aids

Incredibly popular with wearers of ITC aids, these discreet hearing aids are custom fit to your canal, providing excellent sound quality and greater manual control. They’re also easy to insert and remove, and work remarkably in noisy environments…Learn more.



Invisible in the ear hearing aid

Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aids

IIC hearing aids are the smallest type of aids available on the market. Producing a clear and vibrant sound with minimal sound distortion due to it’s location close the ear drum. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss…Learn more.



In The Ear Hearing Aids

Suitable for those with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, In The Ear hearing aids are leaders in the field when it comes to battery life. While they are visible, they provide excellent noise reduction and easy access to controls…Learn more.



Receiver in the ear hearing aidsReceiver In Ear / Canal Hearing Aids

Combining the best features of the ITC and BTE hearing aids, Receiver In The Ear hearing aids are small and visually discreet, while offering flexibility, high sound quality and power. Suitable for all levels of hearing loss, these hearing aids are a popular choice due to the sound quality and minimal visibility. Small enough to be discreet and large enough to house advanced technologies such as directional microphones and bluetooth…Learn more.


In the canal hearing aid

Half Shell Hearing Aids

Half Shell In The Ear hearing aids are powerful yet cosmetically appealing devices that occupy that lower portion of the outer ear. Whilst not as discrete as other options, their size enables the addition of many wonderful features like volume controls, directional microphones and special settings for various listening environments…Learn more.


Full Shell Hearing Aids

Full Shell In the Ear hearing aids are ideal for wearers who experience mild to severe hearing loss. These aids are a great option for wearers who want substance over style as the increased size of the device allows for the addition of many features and settings…Learn more.



Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

There’s a new generation of rechargeable hearing aids that are all about convenience, simplicity of use and improved technology. Now lasting longer between charges and more features, rechargeable hearing aids will change your day-to-day life…Learn more.



If you have any questions about which hearing aid type is best for your needs, please contact the friendly and experienced team at Value Hearing today. Call 1800 157 429.

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