Signia 5 Primax Insio ITE

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Signia 5 Primax Insio ITE
Manufacturer: Signia
Model: Insio
Series: 5Px
Release Date: Q1 2015
Technology Level: Advanced
Suitable For: Mild Hearing Loss, Moderate Hearing Loss, Severe Hearing Loss
Battery Type: 312

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The 5Px Insio ITE offers Signia’s mid-level technology inside their largest custom device. While the larger size is often unappealing for those seeking a discrete device, for those with dexterity/vision concerns this is a good option. The device includes technology to assist hearing in background noise (Directional Speech Enhancement and SpeechFocusTM), and allows the user to override the directional settings (via the Spatial Configurator) to better focus the hearing aids on the important speech signal. The 5Px is also more customisable by the audiologist, allowing them to better match the settings to the individual’s needs. The Signia 5Px Insio ITE is suitable for those who have moderate difficulties hearing in background noise.

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Key Features

  • AUTOMATIC PROGRAM (UNIVERSAL) Categorises the listening environment into one of six settings (Speech in Quiet, Speech in Noise, Noise, Music, Car, and Quiet). The aids then adjust the features and amplification settings to provide the best configuration for that listening situation. The 5Bx allows the audiologist to adjust the gain for Speech, Noise and Music independently within the universal program.
  • DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (ADAPTIVE HIGH RESOLUTION DIRECTIONAL MICS) Automatically switches to a directional microphone strategy in background noise. Narrow directionality automatically focuses on the speaker immediately in front of the wearer to help wearers understand speech in noisy places like restaurants.
  • SPEECH LOCALISATION FEATURE (SPEECH FOCUS) SpeechFocusTM automatically focuses the microphones on the main speech source regardless of whether the speech is coming from the front or behind. SpeechFocusTM will automatically activate as soon as a car situation is detected.
  • SPEECH ENHANCEMENT (DIRECTIONAL SPEECH ENHANCEMENT) Suppresses noise (including speech) from behind the hearing aid user to improve ability to focus on speech coming from the front.
  • CONTROL OVER THE DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (SPATIAL CONFIGURATOR) Allows the user to manually control the span and direction of the directional microphones to improve their ability to focus on speech in difficult listening situations. Requires the easyTek and easyTek app from Siemens.
  • NOISE REDUCTION (SPEECH AND NOISE MANAGEMENT) Emphasises speech and reduces background noise. The 5Bx offers five levels of personalisation.
  • IMPULSE NOISE REDUCTION (SOUNDSMOOTHING) Improves listening comfort by suppressing sudden loud sounds. The 5Bx offers three levels of personalisation.
  • WIND REDUCTION (EWINDSCREEN) Reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort. The 5Bx offers three levels of personalisation.
  • PHONE PROGRAM (AUTOPHONE) Phone program automatically activates when the hearing aid detects a phone.
  • FREQUENCY COMPRESSION Compresses sounds from areas where hearing is most damaged, to an area with better hearing. Designed to improve audibility for those with poor high-frequency hearing.
  • TINNITUS RELIEF (TINNITUS NOISER) Emits a soft noise that is designed to distract attention away from an individual’s tinnitus.
  • ADVANCED SPEECHMASTER Advanced Control System that isolates the target speaker from unwanted background noise & Speech.
  • TWINPHONE Allows you to automatically hear your phone conversations in both ears.
  • CROS/BICROS The new wireless CROS/BICROS system can allow you to hear speech from your”dead” ear’s side, by delivering it to your better ear.

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