Starkey Z Series i90 Micro RIC312

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Starkey Z Series i90 Micro RIC312
Manufacturer: Starkey
Model: Z Series
Series: i90
Release Date: Q1 2015
Technology Level: Advanced
Suitable For: Mild Hearing Loss, Moderate Hearing Loss
Battery Type: 312

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The Z-i90 microRIC312 includes a feature that generates sound to provide relief to those suffering from tinnitus. It also includes an automatic program that adjusts between six listening environments, and an improved noise reduction system compared to the Z-i70 microRIC312. Another addition to the Z-i90 is improvement to the Binaural Spatial Mapping, meaning that adjustments made to hearing aids in wind or machine noise are synchronised. The device is compatible with Starkey’s wireless accessories, and features a single push-button that can be configured to make numerous changes to the hearing aid settings. The Z-i90 microRIC312 is a device suited to those who have difficulties with their tinnitus, and who need to hear better in the presence of mild-to-moderate levels of background noise.

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Key Features

  • AUTOMATIC PROGRAM (ACOUSTIC SCENE ANALYSER) Categorises the listening environment into one of six settings (Quiet, Noise, Wind, Speech, Machine Noise, or Speech in Noise). The aids then adjust the features and amplification settings to provide the best configuration for that listening situation.
  • DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (BINAURAL SPATIAL MAPPING) Compares the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) between the ears, and selects the side with the better SNR to determine directional focus. Designed to improve communication in background noise.
  • TINNITUS RELIEF (MULTIFLEX TINNITUS FEATURES) In-built sound generator that is designed to distract attention away from an individual’s tinnitus.
  • WIND REDUCTION (BINAURAL SPATIAL MAPPING-WIND) Synchronises hearing aid changes when they detect wind noise (with no speech). Reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort.
  • MACHINE NOISE REDUCTION (BINAURAL SPATIAL MAPPING-MACHINE NOISE) Synchronises hearing aid changes when they detect machine noise (with no speech). Provides symmetrical noise reduction to improve listening comfort.
  • SPEECH LOCALISATION FEATURE (SPEECH ID) Helps the wearer to detect speech, even when it comes from behind.
  • NOISE REDUCTION (VOICE IQ2) Seeks to preserve speech while constantly applying up to 20dB of noise reduction in each channel.
  • AGGRESSIVE NOISE REDUCTION (IQ BOOST) Enhanced noise management setting to apply the maximum amount of noise reduction. Only accessible via the SurfLink Mobile or the SurfLink Remote Control.
  • FREQUENCY LOWERING (SPECTRAL IQ) Improves audibility by copying high-frequency sounds from areas where hearing is most damaged and moving them to an area with better hearing.
  • T2 FUNCTIONALITY Allows the wearer to adjust the hearing aid through the use of any touch-tone phone.

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