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There are many hearing clinics and websites out there manipulating the hearing aid market to better serve their practice. Hearing aid prices from these clinics and websites vary from very expensive to obnoxiously cheap, highlighting massive discrepancies in their pricing.

No-one really gets a hearing aid because they like the idea of one. Do they? 

Hearing Aids are simply a small part of a comprehensive solution to a much bigger problem. The problem you really want “fixing” is the impact of hearing loss and its effect on your quality of life. This impact can significantly affect you and those close to you. Research has shown hearing loss to be linked to cognitive decline, reduced income potential, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and social isolation among many other things

How can a simple device address all these potential issues?

An Introduction to Value Hearing

Value Hearing was developed by Christo Fourie after 11 years of working in the traditional model of hearing services provision.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality in service and information, using gold standards in hearing aid fitting techniques and procedures, enabling you to make a more considered choice for your personal hearing needs.

On top of the quality of your hearing aid purchase, our central philosophy is to offer true VALUE. Choice and personalised service give you the extra value that you deserve.

Come and see us for an obligation and cost free hearing aid discussion appointment. There is no catch, just great value brought to you by our caring, innovative and specialised team, continually striving to offer the best possible services to you.

Improving Your Hearing Is About Much More Than Just Hearing Aids

Hearing aids positively change your life, but like any investment only if used as part of a closely monitored and quality controlled process involving you and your expertly trained clinician. We recognise at Value Hearing that hearing aids are an investment in improved quality of life, and therefore need to be treated as such.

Active follow-ups are important to us and as such we now have in place automated processes to ensure the chance of someone not receiving the follow-up that is crucial to their success is reduced to a bare minimum or eradicated when possible.

Due to the humidity, sweat, dusty and oily conditions they are used in for thousands of hours a year, regular clinical check-ups and fine tuning are critical to ongoing user satisfaction and optimal hearing aid performance.  As your brain gets used to hearing aids, it opens further opportunities for fine tuning to improve performance, which can only be accurately done with face to face clinical intervention and measurement of the changes being made.

So hearing rehabilitation is not simply about the hearing aid, but also the service associated with the hearing aid to ensure you get an optimal improvement in your quality of life. This is why at Value Hearing, we provide 3 years of cost-free clinical support following your hearing aid purchase, as well as unlimited over-the-counter in-house hearing aid cleaning and minor servicing. 

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Hearing Solutions Guaranteed To Improve Quality Of Life

We use hearing aids to help you achieve optimal improvement of your quality of life through optimal hearing. In fact, our driving purpose of our company is to empower individuals to engage and thrive through optimised hearing.

Hearing aids alone do not allow us to achieve this. It is a combination of gold standard, quality controlled services and quality hearing aids, combined with our clinical expertise, that allow us to achieve this.

We guarantee an improvement in your quality of life through better hearing with our 60 day money back guarantee.  Even our testing process is guaranteed to provide much more value than any other hearing test you have ever had or you don’t pay for it.

Not only that, but we are so committed to your optimal outcomes that we will even exchange to another aid, within the initial 60 days, in the event that we find that our initial, scientifically selected solution does not deliver you the expected outcome.

We also allow you to upgrade to the latest technology if the technology you initially chose is superseded within 90 days of purchase by simply paying any difference in retail price.

Similarly we never provide run out models, even though they could make our offering cheaper and more attractive. This is due to the fact that newer technology always tends to deliver improved outcomes to clients over older technology.

Value = Benefit - Costs

Hearing aid prices in Australia are some of the highest in the developed world. The number one reason for this is the amount of mark-up that retailers add to their hearing instruments. They habitually charge what the market can bear rather than what is considered fair. Exuberant hearing aid quotes in excess of $10 000 are quite common and a large proportion of our clients have started looking around and subsequently found us after receiving such a shocking quote elsewhere. What's worse is that these preposterous prices are often charged by generalists who simply dabble in providing high tech hearing solutions to adult clients.

Many hearing care retailers also pay massive commissions to their clinicians, which are designed to encourage them to over-prescribe expensive top end hearing devices when not required! These commissions could in some cases be as much as 10% of the asking price, running into several hundred dollars per hearing instrument. These additional hearing aid costs needs to be factored into the price you are quoted. Listen to the ABC's Background Briefing on these practices in Audiology here.

Value Hearing is very different and quite unique. We believe that Quality Hearing Care is a NECESSITY rather than a LUXURY and should be priced fairly. We specialise in offering the best levels of service and highest quality hearing instruments at fair prices to the adult client with hearing loss. We are able do this as we are highly specialised and completely independent of any financial links to the hearing device industry.  Each client pays their own way, so you are Not subsidising anyone else. Our sole focus is to provide the best quality hearing care at fair prices, so have MORE time available to better serve our valued clients as well as more experience in delivering the outcomes you deserve. We are also proven to provide long term client satisfaction to our clients years after they first met us.

Stephen SmithNorth Turramurra
I have been singing your praises to all my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with a hearing problem, also the fact that you saved me over four thousand dollars on a set I had previously been quoted by my former supplier. Once again Christo a heartfelt thank you from a very grateful client." Donald Thornhill "...I was unaware until then that my supplier was owned by one of the major hearing aid suppliers. Surely Value Hearing could not supply aids for less than the price I had been quoted? Nothing vertured nothing gained I emailed Value Hearing for a quote.

Our University trained and professional body registered Hearing Specialists are free to choose the hearing solution that is best for you and are not offered incentives to promote one solution over another or to prescribe hearing aids when not absolutely necessary. We adhere to the Ethical Standards of Audiology Australia Ltd. You can see our full disclosure here.

We are sustainably growing with clinics spread around Australia and are now in our sixth year of operation and have helped thousands hear better much less. We are also registered with all major health insurance providers, so you can easily claim back any hearing benefits due to you.

We don't offer free government hearing devices, but we do have high quality, yet very affordable fully automatic hearing solutions available. We also offer a range of additional aftercare options as well as PAYMENT PLANS for those requiring more included services, providing you with choice.

A Wide Range Of Quality Hearing Aid Models At Fair Prices

Being independently owned and having no financial links to any hearing aid manufacturer, we have access to the major brands available in Australia at highly discounted hearing aid prices.

Our hearing aid prices on the top end premium hearing instruments are frequently up to $4000+ cheaper than those provided at our generalist competitors on the exact same models. Our hearing aids are brand new, from the same suppliers; carrying the same 3+ Year Australian warranty. The Major difference is that we are all about providing Optimal Value; giving you much more for much less. Our wide range and freedom of choice means that our clinicians can select your ideal solution from all the major models available in Australia without compromise. As we are highly specialised our clinicians are very experienced in using the latest hearing instrument technology to obtain optimal client benefit.

View our hearing aid price ranges here. We're sure you'll be impressed with the amount of inclusions we provide.

Donald ThornhillPerth
The first night I wore them I was at a social event which was very noisy and had loud music playing and yet I was able to hold a conversation without any difficulty at all which was something I had previously been unable to do.
Karen Moloney
I came to see Christo after a less than satisfactory experience with another Hearing Service provider that was restricted to recommending and selling a particular brand. Christo's business is outstanding in the respect he can compare and recommend the most appropriate aid regardless of the branding. He is not restricted by a parent company. Come and see Christo if you want outstanding knowledge and professionalism and an unbiased recommendation for a hearing aid to make your life easier.

Tinnitus And Hearing Problems Addressed At The Same Time

Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions has a team of qualified, experienced and expert tinnitus specialists on board. We have protocols in place that allow us to consider any tinnitus you may have as part of our recommended hearing solution. Most other clinics would either not address tinnitus at all or might address tinnitus and hearing loss separately, which could double the cost. This is generally not necessary and properly select hearing instruments, fitted with tinnitus in mind, can result in excellent client outcomes with no more to pay.

Read how hearing aids can help with Tinnitus treatment.

I started having hearing problems over 10 years ago and have dealt with the same audiologist in that time up until this year, 2010. I have major tinnitus problems and the people I dealt with never seemed interested all they did was sell me hearing aids and fob me off. Thankfully a family friend did a bit of research for me as he knew I was unhappy. He came across Christo's webpage and suggested I make an appointment. ..... I was blown away to be honest, that someone would be so trusting and I felt so emotional as for the first time in years my tinnitus was under control - no more ringing in the ears.

The Best Possible Performance From Your Hearing Solution

Our highly skilled and university trained clinicians ensure that your hearing solution is fitted to the highest level of precision and satisfaction. Due to the larger than industry average volumes of advanced hearing aids our clinicians fit, they gain experience very quickly in the latest hearing technologies. We use the best equipment and gold standard techniques to ensure that you achieve the greatest possible benefit. You are NOT sacrificing quality of care by paying less, you are simply paying a fair price for excellent service and quality products. We are all about PROVIDING YOU WITH THE BEST VALUE in the industry. We offer you a No Questions asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to back up these claims.

Denise Castillo
I recommend anyone to go to Value Hearing as they really give you the best service.
K EBirchgrove
Many thanks for all your help in fixing up my underperforming hearing aids. I have seen two others before you without much success. I congratulate you on your special skills and conscientiousness which now have made my aids suit my hearing needs so much better.

Long Term Benefit From Your Investment

We do everything in our power to ensure that you get the very best satisfaction and benefit from your hearing solution long after the honeymoon period has passed. We get in touch with our clients every 6 months to clean and check their hearing instruments. This also allows us to catch and address potential problems early on while ensuring your hearing solution delivers optimal benefit.
We even notify you a few months before your hearing aid warranty is about to expire and invite you back to have your hearing aids serviced BEFORE you end up paying for costly out of warranty repairs.

The Result: Long Term Satisfaction and Benefit to You.

Dennis CaldwellSnowy Mountains NSW
My life has changed since wearing these little wonders, they are comfortable, & I can now hear the high frequencies in music and appreciate the finer notes in life. I have recommended them to many people in my age group. Your very satisfied customer.

Hearing Aid Brands, Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a premium Swiss hearing aid company owned by Sonova. Phonak is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and has always been at the leading edge of technology especially when it comes to improving a person’s ability to hear speech in noise. Their latest chipset, called the Belong platform, is one of the worlds most powerful hearing aid platforms. It delivers exceptional performance in noise and has second to none Sound quality resulting in fantastic music reproduction.

Hearing Aid Brands, Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids is a subsidiary of William Demant Holdings in Denmark and is undoubtedly one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, with their own chain of Audioclinic retail stores throughout Australia and the world. Oticon Hearing aids have won several design awards and are renowned for the comfortable sound quality, sleek appearance and durability. These hearing aids are liked by audiologists and audiometrists as they employ simplified fitting software, making successful hearing aid fittings almost fool proof. Their lates

Hearing Aid Brands, Signia Hearing Aids

Sivantos has bought Siemens hearing aids and are rebranding as Signia. With Signia, Sivantos starts a new chapter in forward-thinking hearing solutions with expertly engineered devices that are almost invisible, highly automated and adapt to the user’s preferences. Signia stands for hearing innovations that are centered on the patient’s needs and deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction. The Signia product portfolio will provide a comprehensive range of advanced hearing solutions with life-changing technologies that welcome hearing

Hearing Aid Brands, Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens is a well known producer of electronic equipment in almost all industries. Siemens often innovates with new technologies and were the first company to introduce basic wireless capability into hearing aids with ear 2 ear. This allowed the hearing aid user to make changes in volume or programs in one hearing aid and the other hearing aid would respond in the same way wirelessly. Their current Chipset called Binax released late 2014 is the second fastest hearing aid chip on the market at 480 million operations per second (Phonak’s New Vent

Hearing Aid Brands, Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that has lead the field in excellent high fidelity sound quality. Their sound quality has become known as Widex sound and in the past clients who were fitted with Widex initially, always tended to stick with Widex. This has changed somewhat in recent years, but is still partially true. Widex is one of the few privately owned hearing aid manufacturing companies in the world and even though they initially struggled to keep up with the regular update cycle of the larger manufacturers such as Phonak and Ot

Hearing Aid Brands, Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron was originally a Canadian hearing instrument company, who was bought by Sonova, the same company who owns Phonak hearing aids, several years ago. Their research and development is still based in Canada, but their production facility is on the same grounds as Phonak in Switzerland. Unitron has always been a leader in producing great value hearing aids. They generally seem to select the best technologies on the market and package them into a lower cost, well performing hearing aid. In the last few years they have innovated with their own

Hearing Aid Brands, GN Resound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound is among the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids. Since the company was founded in 1943, ReSound has been known for great sound quality, design excellence and meaningful solutions that help hearing impaired people rediscover sounds. They were the first company to bring made for iPhone hearing aids to the market and have several years of experience in this niche. There experience here has lead to one of the most stable direct to iPhone hearing aids currently on the market. They are also the only brand to offer direct to iPho

Hearing Aid Brands, Starkey Hearing Aids

Strengths: Makes the smallest invisible hearing aids on the market Decent programming flexibility for the clinician, so most can be fine tuned. Great range of styles for all kinds of hearing loss ZPower based rechargeable, rechargeable hearing aids A popular brand – so has wide ranging support and availability Decent reliability Direct iPhone connection without intermediate device in Halo 2 Wireless CROS hearing aids available Solid tinnitus masker option built into many models Latest Ranges: Halo 2 Muse SoundLens Synergy Older ranges: Halo I30

Hearing Aid Brands, Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon is a Swiss Hearing Aid Company that is part of the William Demant group who also owns Oticon and Sonic Innovations. Bernafon offers great technology, such as ChannelFree Processing, which delivers very natural sound quality. Bernafon’s Zaphira and older Juna Hearing aids offer the highest quality Feedback Management system currently in the market today. Bernafon hearing aids are good value to clients, they offer exceptional design and sound quality, but without the high price tag.

Hearing Aid Brands, Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations is an American hearing aid company which has been bought over by William Demant Holdings, in November 2010. William Demant Holdings also owns Oticon and Bernafon and through the Sonic Innovations acquisition, obtained several hundred HearingLife clinics throughout the world. Sonic Innovation’s technology development has always focused on producing the best electronic noise reduction algorithms, but due to the company’s smaller size, they have not released dramatically new technology for a number of years. The recent acquisitio

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