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That means we can help you find your best hearing aid from all the manufacturers available to you.

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Things to consider before deciding on Hearing Aids:

The first question to ask is: "Do I have hearing loss?" . We have an easy online screener available to help you with that question.  You can access our free, quick, online hearing check here.

Hearing aids can work for a several types of hearing loss. For certain kinds of hearing loss, surgery or medical intervention might be a better option. That is why a comprehensive hearing assessment is your very first step, once you have determined that hearing loss is present. This assessment will help you figure out what your next step should be.

In order to be succesful with hearing aids, you absolutely need to be motivated to use hearing aids. Without appropriate motivation, you are setting yourself up for failure. It has been found that up to 1 in 3 people don't wear their hearing aids after 1 year. Motivation could play a big part in this.

You will also need to find a good provider to help you on your journey. Going it alone, such as by buying hearing aids online, may be more liklely to result in failure. You will need to find someone who understands you and that you can work with. We discuss the various aspects you need to look at for a good clinician here.

Things can go wrong with hearing aids and they might end up not working for you, especially if you end up selecting the wrong one for your needs. Frustrations often revolve around difficulty hearing in noise, even with more expensive hearing aids. We discuss the reasons and possible solutions for difficulty hearing speech in noise here. 

With the right hearing aid, you should find a dramatic improvement in your quality of life in general. Hearing properly is also critical to emotional and brain health.  They also last around 5 to 7 years, so getting it right is important.

We have a complimentary Buyers Guide for you to download, which guides you through the journey to better hearing.

Hearing aids have changed dramatically over time. Even in the last 5 years we have seen dramatic improvements in performance, sound quality, size and comfort. 

Decided Hearing Aids are for you?

Here are a few things you should know about hearing aids:

How hearing aids work

We have a detailed article going into more depth around the various parts of a hearing aid here.

Hearing Aids come in various technology levels, each with more features than the previous. Don't let this confuse you. Only certain features really matter.

The best hearing aids for you

Choosing the best hearing aid for you is not as simple as looking at the hearing aid that receives the best reviews.  Neither is it about asking your friends and seeing which hearing aid they do well with. A hearing aid that may not work for you, could be loved by others.

Hearing loss is as unique as a finger print. We each have developed slightly differently during our lives, have different lifestyles and differing types and degrees of hearing damage. No single hearing aid fits every person the same. That is why reviews can vary so significantly for the exact same device, particularly when it comes to hearing in noise.

We have an article here, that will help you find the best hearing aid for you and your unique situation.

Modern Hearing Aids are more discreet and more capable than you might think

The world of hearing aids have changed dramatically over the last few years and things keep improving. They are now smaller and more capable than ever before. That is why you don't want to buy last years models, as sold at some retailers.

Not only do we now have rechargeable hearing aids available in most brands. We also have hearing aids with built in Bluetooth, so you can stream phone calls and music directly from your phone as well as Television audio, in high quality stereo, to your hearing aids. Some of the best hearing aids combine both these features with all the must have features to improve sound quality and hearing in noise. This gives new levels of performance in small sizes, never seen before.

If you are upgrading from older hearing aids, you need to look at a few factors to ensure your new hearing aids work better than the last.

Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aids can be expensive, but are even more so if you end up with the wrong hearing aid that does not work well for you.

It is crucial that you never just shop a hearing aid on pricing alone. Not all hearing aids are created equally. Even if you have been recommended a specific model elsewhere, if they did not do a speech in noise test as part of the evaluation, you could end up with a more expensive hearing aid than you actually need.

Hearing aids require specialised care over your entire hearing improvement journey to deliver optimal outcomes. So always consider the aftercare included and the processes followed when considering a hearing aid. Where you get the hearing aid might actually matter more than the exact model in some cases.

Hearing aids start from Free to client to eligible pensioners and around $1,400 to self funded clients. There are several funding options available in Australia including government, payment plans and health insurance options. 

Just beware when you look at hearing aids online. Some hearing aids, especially those advertised cheaply (a few hundred dollars) are actually not real hearing aids and may even damage your hearing more! It is truly a situation of buyer beware.

There are also some common myths about hearing aids you need to be aware of discussed here. 

Using and Taking Care of your hearing aids

Hearing aids can play a big part in your enjoyment of life once you are used to them.

Hearing aids can even help reduce your tinnitus if used and set correctly. They do however need a bit of care and cleaning as they are worn in or on hot and sweaty ears for thousands of hours a year (if worn correctly).

We offer some troubleshooting for when things go wrong here.

We also offer tips on travelling with hearing aids. It is always a good idea to insure your hearing aids and not only to rely on the manufacturer's loss and damage policy included with the hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Styles:

There are various different styles and types of hearing aids to suit different levels of hearing loss, with different capabilities and features. Click through on the types of hearing aids listed below for more information on each, including advantages and disadvantages, how they work and who they are best suited to.


Behind the ear hearing aid (BTE)

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

The most common hearing aid type is the Behind The Ear hearing aid, recognisable from their compact case which sits right behind the ear. Durable, easy to clean and maintain and ease of use are just some of the advantages of the BTE hearing aid...Learn more.



Completely In The Canal Hearing Aid

Completely In The Canal Hearing Aids

Virtually invisible and one of the more aesthetically pleasing hearing aid type, CIC hearing aids are most suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They're custom made for the wearer with a high quality and natural sound....Learn more.



In The Canal Hearing Aids

Incredibly popular with wearers of ITC aids, these discreet hearing aids are custom fit to your canal, providing excellent sound quality and greater manual control. They're also easy to insert and remove, and work remarkably in noisy environments...Learn more.



Invisible in the ear hearing aid

Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aids

IIC hearing aids are the smallest type of aids available on the market. Producing a clear and vibrant sound with minimal sound distortion due to it's location close the ear drum. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss...Learn more.



In The Ear Hearing Aids

Suitable for those with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, In The Ear hearing aids are leaders in the field when it comes to battery life. While they are visible, they provide excellent noise reduction and easy access to controls...Learn more.



Receiver in the ear hearing aidsReceiver In Ear / Canal Hearing Aids

Combining the best features of the ITC and BTE hearing aids, Receiver In The Ear hearing aids are small and visually discreet, while offering flexibility, high sound quality and power. Suitable for all levels of hearing loss, these hearing aids are a popular choice due to the sound quality and minimal visibility. Small enough to be discreet and large enough to house advanced technologies such as directional microphones and bluetooth...Learn more.


In the canal hearing aid

Half Shell Hearing Aids

Half Shell In The Ear hearing aids are powerful yet cosmetically appealing devices that occupy that lower portion of the outer ear. Whilst not as discrete as other options, their size enables the addition of many wonderful features like volume controls, directional microphones and special settings for various listening environments...Learn more.

The hearing aid brands we work with:

As an independent business, not owned by or aligned with any particular brand, we have all the major brands available. This means that our clinicians are free to choose the best hearing aid for your needs from all the best models available in Australia.


Hearing Aid Brands, Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a premium Swiss hearing aid company owned by Sonova. Phonak is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and has always been at the leading edge of technology especially when it comes to improving a person’s ability to hear speech in noise. Their latest chipset, called the Marvel platform, is one of the worlds most powerful hearing aid platforms. It delivers exceptional performance in noise and has second to none Sound quality resulting in fantastic music reproduction.

Hearing Aid Brands, Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids is a subsidiary of William Demant Holdings in Denmark and is undoubtedly one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, with their own chain of Audioclinic retail stores throughout Australia and the world. Oticon Hearing aids have won several design awards and are renowned for the comfortable sound quality, sleek appearance and durability. These hearing aids are liked by audiologists and audiometrists as they employ simplified fitting software, making successful hearing aid fittings almost fool proof. Their lates

Hearing Aid Brands, Signia Hearing Aids

Sivantos has bought Siemens hearing aids and are rebranding as Signia. With Signia, Sivantos starts a new chapter in forward-thinking hearing solutions with expertly engineered devices that are almost invisible, highly automated and adapt to the user’s preferences. Signia stands for hearing innovations that are centered on the patient’s needs and deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction. The Signia product portfolio will provide a comprehensive range of advanced hearing solutions with life-changing technologies that welcome hearing

Hearing Aid Brands, Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens is a well known producer of electronic equipment in almost all industries. Siemens often innovates with new technologies and were the first company to introduce basic wireless capability into hearing aids with ear 2 ear. This allowed the hearing aid user to make changes in volume or programs in one hearing aid and the other hearing aid would respond in the same way wirelessly. Their current Chipset called Binax released late 2014 is the second fastest hearing aid chip on the market at 480 million operations per second (Phonak’s New Vent

Hearing Aid Brands, Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that has lead the field in excellent high fidelity sound quality. Their sound quality has become known as Widex sound and in the past clients who were fitted with Widex initially, always tended to stick with Widex. This has changed somewhat in recent years, but is still partially true. Widex has now joined forces with Signia to create WS Audiology

Hearing Aid Brands, Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron was originally a Canadian hearing instrument company, who was bought by Sonova, the same company who owns Phonak hearing aids, several years ago. Their research and development is still based in Canada, but their production facility is on the same grounds as Phonak in Switzerland. Unitron has always been a leader in producing great value hearing aids. They generally seem to select the best technologies on the market and package them into a lower cost, well performing hearing aid. In the last few years they have innovated on their own.

Hearing Aid Brands, GN Resound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound is among the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids. Since the company was founded in 1943, ReSound has been known for great sound quality, design excellence and meaningful solutions that help hearing impaired people rediscover sounds. They were the first company to bring made for iPhone hearing aids to the market and have several years of experience in this niche. There experience here has lead to one of the most stable direct to iPhone hearing aids currently on the market.

Hearing Aid Brands, Starkey Hearing Aids

Strengths: Makes the smallest invisible hearing aids on the market Decent programming flexibility for the clinician, so most can be fine tuned. Great range of styles for all kinds of hearing loss Lithium Ion based rechargeable, rechargeable hearing aids A popular brand – so has wide ranging support and availability Decent reliability Direct iPhone connection without intermediate device in Halo 2 Wireless CROS hearing aids available Solid tinnitus masker option built into many models. They were also the first to include fall sensors and heart rate monitors into their Livio AI hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Brands, Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon is a Swiss Hearing Aid Company that is part of the William Demant group who also owns Oticon and Sonic Innovations. Bernafon offers great technology, such as ChannelFree Processing, which delivers very natural sound quality. Bernafon’s Viron and older Saphira aids offer the highest quality Feedback Management system currently in the market today. Bernafon hearing aids are good value to clients, they offer exceptional design and sound quality, but without the high price tag.

Hearing Aid Brands, Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations is an American hearing aid company which has been bought over by William Demant Holdings, in November 2010. William Demant Holdings also owns Oticon and Bernafon and through the Sonic Innovations acquisition, obtained several hundred HearingLife clinics throughout the world. Sonic Innovation’s technology development has always focused on producing the best electronic noise reduction algorithms.

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