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Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of electronic equipment. Think of them as mini computers for your ears. Hearing aids are programmed especially for you, taking into account the specific nature of your hearing loss and lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can order hearing aids online and have them work best for

Hearing technology has come along way since the very earliest attempts to correct hearing loss. Hearing aids as we know them today are a result of two important pieces of miniaturisation – electronics and batteries. Without the exponential advances in these two areas, it’s doubtful that we’d see all the hearing aid success stories we see

Telecoils help you hear in concerts. Value Hearing explores this feature

Going to a concert, attending a lecture or going to a house of worship can be a challenge when you have difficulty hearing. The good news is that in conjunction with your telecoil hearing aid, many venues have special systems to help called hearing loops – or, more technically, an audio induction loop. You’re possibly

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