Invisible Hearing Aids

For many years, the idea of invisible hearing aids was more of a desire than a reality. At best, having the right hairstyle may have kept hearing aids hidden from view, however this was not always possible for many clients. With the improvement in digital hearing aid feedback management, laser made shells, and very small yet powerful speakers, a new range of true invisible hearing aids is here.


(image from Starkey USA).

Despite their small size, the new generation of invisible hearing aids offer state of the art sound clarity, as the sound processors are the same as those found in the larger in-the-ear and behind-the-ear models. There is no compromise on sound quality, and each device is custom made with computer-aided design to fit in your ear canal to ensure excellent comfort. An additional benefit of these deep fitting devices is that they can be worn securely during physical activity, and any phone can be used as normal with them.

Invisible hearing aids are ideally suited to people with mild to moderately-severe hearing losses, and the wearers ear canal needs to be a large enough diameter in order to fit all the components inside. Your hearing specialist will be able to advise you on your suitability for invisible hearing aids following a routine audiological assessment, and there is little if any difference in price between these hearing aids and their larger cousins. Several models are available including the Starkey SoundLens, Phonak Nano, Oticon Intiga i, and Unitron’s Quantum Micro CIC. To find out more about these exciting new hearing aids and their suitability for your hearing needs, contact us now.

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