June Madness Sale - Our Lowest Prices Yet

Get the best outcomes at our lowest rates to date - June 2017 only

How we work to obtain your best outcome?

The Journey to better hearing is filled with confusing jargon and fluffy marketing messages, making it very hard and time consuming for you to find the right solution that will last.

Value Hearing works as your guide to obtaining the best possible improvement in your hearing quickly.

We are not only focused on getting you an immediate short term outcome, but guide and support you in obtaining the best possible outcomes over the long term.

Hearing aids are an important part of the process, but are certainly not the Most Important part.  

We explore and curate the best technology on offer in the market and select and use only what is proven to work, reliably to work with.

When it comes to selecting your ideal device, we take care in assessing your hearing loss and hearing needs. Using the results of this comprehensive and innovative process, we are able to match your unique needs to a specific device.

Once you have decided to continue working with us, as your guide to better hearing, we will professionally fit and follow-up your chosen hearing solution.

Through an active process of strategically timed recalls we ensure that your hearing needs are continually met over the long term.

Our Technology Partner for the promotion

For the purposes of this promotion we have selected Phonak’s Technologically Superior Behind The Ear (BTE & RIC) range of hearing aids. Phonak is and has been a leader in providing effective, reliable hearing solutions for decades. They offer a wide range of solutions appropriate for the mildest of hearing difficulties through to Profound hearing loss. They have been one of our most successful brands and there is a Phonak for everyone. Their flexibility makes them a powerful partner in obtaining exceptional outcomes for our clients.  

You will find more information on the models involved in this promotion below.

What do I get?

  • You receive a 25% discount on our normal Phonak BTE or RIC prices (Which are already lower than most before discount!)
  • Models covered in this promotion include Audeo, Bolero and Naida (30,50,70 & 90 ranges)
  • The price includes our detailed Assessment, Unique and accurate hearing aids assessment process, the fitting and follow-up of the chosen hearing solution and more - click here to learn more
  • Savings of up to $2,312 (based on a pair of Audeo B90-R) off our normal pricing or compared to our larger competitors - savings over $5500 in some cases.

What are my Next Steps?

  1. Book an assessment with us during June 2017 to determine your ideal long term solution
  2. Order your qualifying Phonak hearing aid before 30 June 2017

How Much Can I SAVE?

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only available on Phonak Audeo, Bolero or Naida hearing aids Purchased from Value Hearing between the 1st of June 2017 and 30 June 2017.
  • Qualifying Phonak Hearing aids prescribed during June 2017 must be fitted prior to 10 July 2017.
  • The offer is only for brand new Phonak BTE or RIC orders placed during June 2017 - Exchanges from previous months do not qualify.
  • The Phonak levels covered by this offer include the 30, 50, 70 and 90 price levels.
  • To make use of this offer you need to see us for an assessment which costs $95 and takes 90 minutes, so we can make sure we are addressing your needs appropriately. The cost of the Assessment is taken off the price of the hearing aids when you purchase. If you have had a recent assessment (Within the last 6 Months) from Value Hearing, we can waiver this appointment and move straight to the fitting. We do not accept results from other providers for this offer.
  • Hearing aids offered during this promotion come with our normal inclusions and carry a 3 Year warranty. You can read more about our inclusions here.
  • Exchanges within the promo period (1 - 30 June 2017) to another Phonak BTE or RIC model will carry the same discount as the original purchase. Exchanges outside the promo period will be discounted at the same rate as the original purchase for up to 30 days after fitting as long as the exchange is made to another Phonak BTE or RIC model.
  • No other brand, model or range except those listed above are included in this promotion.
  • This promotion may not be combined with any other promotion, discount or offer.
  • The images on this page are for illustration only. Your device may differ in colour and or shape depending on your clinical need.
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