Have You Bought Your Hearing Aids Elsewhere?

And Need Them Optimised or Re-Programmed?

We service most makes and models of hearing aids even if you've bought online or had your hearing aid fitted overseas, we'll get you the best out of your hearing aid.

Listen to just one of many of our satisfied clients who've had troublesome encounters with inexperienced audiologists:

"I was seeing a hearing aid provider and they put me on to the Phonak brand. In retrospect, i remember in the sessions that i had setting up the hearing aids for me the audiologist wasn’t completely across the software and it was a frustrating process where there was a lot of time spent in the room.

The person wasn’t able to operate the computer with the software and i got the feeling that at the end of the process i wasn’t going to get the best out of the hearing aid."

At Value Hearing, you can rest assured all of our audiologists will get you the absolute best out of your hearing aid.

Peter talks about his need for well-fitted hearing aids given his type of hearing loss. After being frustrated with other providers, he found Value Hearing completely comfortable in providing what he needed and confidently recommends Value Hearing to his family.

We Now Support Most Makes And Models

No Matter Where You Originally Purchased Them From.

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Navigate the Maze of expensive hearing aids

Navigating the maze of options and choices that make up the hearing industry in Australia is no easy task. Despite this difficulty, thousands of individuals, just like you embark on their own journey to find their best hearing solution each and every day. At one point or another, you will find yourself undergoing a hearing

Hearing aids can last for many years, with the average time it takes for most people to upgrade to their next device at around 5 years. That’s a pretty good lifespan! The reasons to upgrade will vary from person to person, but the main reasons people come in to see us for an upgrade include:

Best Hearing Aid

Choosing a hearing aid that will work in quiet and in noise seems to be an issue that most hearing aid users battle with, even those with decades of experience. Part of the problem comes from how hearing aids are currently selected as well as retailer bias. Around 80% of clinics in Australia are owned

Will Hearing aids work for me?

I was recently asked this exact question by a prospective client, who has had no previous experience with the hearing industry. After giving it some thought, I realised that this is actually quite a good question and one that passes someone with years of experience in the industry by, as we often are blinded by

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