2017 Hearing Aid Overviews

2017 Hearing Aids are quite amazing performers

Never before has technology like that found in today’s hearing aids from the big brand been available to help reduce the frustrations associated with hearing loss.
All the big brands have new chips available delivering sound quality and performance like never before. We have many articles full of text available on these new developments. You can find these by clicking here.

What has been missing up to now is a real sense of what these hearing aids look like.
We have put together a whole series of videos showing you these hearing aids in full HD.

Enjoy and please let us know in the comments of any changes, additions or improvements you would like to see for future videos.

2017’s Smallest Hearing Aids

Unitron Moxi Tempus overview

Phonak Audeo B-R Rechargeable overview

Oticon OPN – Made for iPhone Overview

Widex Beyond Fusion2 – Made for iPhone Overview

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