Value Hearing looks at how to clean your hearing aids
Hearing aids are a modern miniature technological marvel. And like all sophisticated pieces of equipment, they need regular care and maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. There are two main parts of any hearing aid that need daily attention: the microphone (where the sound enters the hearing aid), and the receiver/speaker (where the
Value Hearing looks at successful travelling with hearing aids.
The sky’s the limit when you have your best possible hearing. And one of the questions we’re asked regularly at Value Hearing is how to successfully travel with hearing aids – especially if you’re planning to fly to your destination. If travel is in your plans, we have some helpful tips to make sure you
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Value Hearing congratulations Phonak - its Marvel hearing aid is a finalist in the 2019 Edison Design Awards.
Everyone here at Value Hearing congratulates the team at Phonak. The new Marvel hearing aids have been named a 2019 Edison Awards Finalist in the Consumer Electronics & Information Technology category. Since it’s release in late 2018, the Marvel range has been very well received by our clients. They are enjoying improved hearing with with its
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Looking forward to rocking out with your Bluetooth hearing aids. Value hearing has some tips.
by Christo Fourie Bluetooth hearing aids certainly add an extra dimension to your hearing aid experience. They can add a lot of fun features such as the ability to stream your favourite music or podcast directly through your hearing aid. They even allow you to take calls on your mobile phone. With this added functionality
Value Hearing looks at whether your Bluetooth Hearing Aids can be hacked.
At Value Hearing, we get asked plenty of thoughtful questions from our clients about their hearing aids. Most recently, the questions have centred on Bluetooth technology. One has been on radio frequency radiation and now a client has asked a question about the cyber security of Bluetooth hearing aids. Before we get into that, first
Video Guides to Hearing Aid Troubleshooting   Maintaining hearing aids are fairly simple once you know what is expected, but some tasks are easier to explain by way of video. As such we are in the process of compiling a series of short but clear videos to help with the more complex tasks of Hearing
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Why Do Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Have a Tab? Zinc Air hearing aid batteries use air as an energy source, and the tab seals the air holes on the battery. Once the tab is removed, it takes approximately two minutes before the hearing aid battery is activated/charged, however, it was recently discovered that 5
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You’re at a family gathering, sitting on a long table with family and friends.  Multiple conversations are going on around. There is an interesting conversation going on in front of you.  You decide to lean forward to hear more, yet you find it hard to zone in, it just feels like a wall of noise.  
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Signia has recently released the new Silk hearing aids, developed to make life as simple as possible for people who experience hearing loss. Comfortable, discreet and secure, these little wonders are hidden deep in the ear and, thanks to super-soft slip-on silicone sleeves in different sizes, fit in most ears, instantly. There’s no need to
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Single-sided deafness (SSD) refers to a condition where a person has usable hearing in one ear only. The poorer ear does not receive benefit from traditional hearing aids, whilst the better ear may have normal hearing, or a hearing loss. People with SSD may have difficulties in localising sounds, detecting speech on their poorer hearing
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