Many of our clients tell us that a drop in work performance is one of the reasons why they decided to get their hearing assessed. And it’s no surprise, since it usually takes about eight years for people to finally make the decision to be fitted with hearing aids. That’s a lot of lost productivity
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Ears are invaluable to help us balance and orient ourselves in the world. When they don’t work right, it affects our balance and not just our hearing. But did you know that Hearing Aids have been shown to help balance by using sound to orient location? Balance is controlled by the inner ear, a complex
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Choosing the right hearing aid, in consultation with your audiologist, should give your best possible hearing. A new hearing aid will have the latest technology* such rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity and supporting apps. They are also discreetly sized, offer remote support. New ones are coming onto the market have sensors to detect medical conditions and
Brain power is exhausting. And when your hearing is not optimised, your brain is working harder than it needs to try to make sense of the sounds your ears are hearing. Hearing fatigue can happen in a number of different ways. Pre-existing hearing loss Getting used to wearing hearing aids and experiencing the return of
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Once you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, you’ll know how essential they are getting the most out of life. So it’s no surprise that some clients experience a moment of panic when their hearing aids don’t work. While we welcome anyone to call us at anytime about their hearing aids, we have some
If you’ve been told you need hearing aids, but don’t know where to start, we have seven features you should consider before making a decision. Directionality Noise Reduction Feedback Programmability Connectivity Style Aftercare Directionality Ask if the hearing aid you’ve been recommended has more than one microphone to help better identify the sounds you need to
A few of months ago, we received a phone call from a gentleman who was not a client of ours. He had some brand new hearing aids but the instructions were in Chinese – and he didn’t read Chinese. That sounded odd, so we asked how he came by those hearing aids. He said he
With the heat of summer over, a number of fortunate retirees might be considering hitting the road and joining the caravan of grey nomads. But before you set off, there are things you should do to maximise your enjoyment and to stay safe on the road. Before you go Clothing packed? Check! Car serviced? Check!
One of the big benefits of new technology is being able to enjoy familiar activities in a new way. With smartphones and tablets now commonplace, listening to your favourite stories in the form of audiobooks, whenever and wherever you want is more convenient than ever. You can listen to them during long drives and flights,
Value Haring takes a look at a condition called Surfer's Ear
Many people have heard of Swimmer’s Ear – a painful infection which inflames the outer ear – but fewer realise there is another condition that affects Australian water-lovers. And it can result in hearing loss, and surfers are particularly at risk. The condition is called Surfer’s Ear. Its medical name is exostosis, which is abnormal
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