I didn’t think I had hearing loss but my friend Mandy recently got hearing aids and she was just raving about them. Well, not at first. It wasn’t until I asked her about her hearing that I knew she had them at all. You see for a little while now, I noticed she didn’t participate
I hate the fact that I need hearing aids. I don’t want them. I didn’t really want to have my hearing tested. I was nagged into it. I hate the fact that I was ushered into a doctor-like surgery and treated like a patient. I hate the fact that I was spoken ‘at’ and not
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Value Heaering advocates for practice to perfect wearing your hearing aids.
There are two vital factors in the way we hear – the ear itself and the brain. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to wearing hearing aids, or have been wearing them for years – your brain needs time to adjust. Unfortunately this doesn’t get explained to many new hearing aid wearers and this
The popular Phonak Marvel, which was nominated for an Edison Award for design this year, is now available with Telecoil and new SlimTip Titanium. Since its release in late 2018, the Marvel range has been very well received by our clients. They enjoy improved hearing with its 3rd generation super directionality, which offers the best hearing
We have helpful Value Hearing links all in one place
If you’ve enjoyed The Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guide in our print book edition, we’d like to welcome you to this special page with our specially curated selection of articles which may be of interest to you. The Value Hearing blog is a continually updated source of information on hearing aids, hearing loss and getting the
Value Hearing looks at how to overcome social isolation after hearing loss
It starts with simply taking the back seat in group conversations. It’s difficult to hear what anyone is saying with any clarity, so listening intently makes it difficult to contribute anything meaningful because as soon as you’ve processed what’s being said (or what you think has been said), the conversation has passed you by. And
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You could get more than you bargain for if you accept a 'free hearing aid trial' offer...
You’re likely familiar with the ads you’ve seen in newspapers, magazines, radio and perhaps even as a flyer shoved in your letter box: Free Hearing Aid Trials! We need 25 people to trial the latest hearing aid technology! Blah! Blah! Blah! Free Hearing Aid Trials are used prolifically in the hearing aid industry to attract
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Value Hearing helps you through the maze of hearing aid information
We understand that getting hearing aids is a big investment – and not just in cost. Wearing hearing aids is also an investment in time and lifestyle adjustments too. Part of our mission here at Value Hearing to encourage people to obtain as much information they need in order to make an informed choice. In
We conducted a survey of our clients last year and invited them to share with us the circumstances that led them to getting a hearing aid. What made them bite the bullet and start looking into hearing aids? One particular response came up again and again – it was a family member (usually a long-suffering
Value Hearing looks at different types of hearing loss and how someone can hear some things well and not others.
If this statement sounds familiar, or you know someone who says this often, it is likely that hearing loss may be present.   The prevalence of hearing loss in Australia in 2017 was estimated to be 3.6 million people. This is about 15% of the total Australian population. In 2060, it is estimated that the
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