If you’ve been told you need hearing aids, but don’t know where to start, we have seven features you should consider before making a decision. Directionality Noise Reduction Feedback Programmability Connectivity Style Aftercare Directionality Ask if the hearing aid you’ve been recommended has more than one microphone to help better identify the sounds you need to
A few of months ago, we received a phone call from a gentleman who was not a client of ours. He had some brand new hearing aids but the instructions were in Chinese – and he didn’t read Chinese. That sounded odd, so we asked how he came by those hearing aids. He said he
With the heat of summer over, a number of fortunate retirees might be considering hitting the road and joining the caravan of grey nomads. But before you set off, there are things you should do to maximise your enjoyment and to stay safe on the road. Before you go Clothing packed? Check! Car serviced? Check!
Value Hearing looks at metal detecting
Metal detecting is an increasingly popular hobby, but frustrating for those who have hearing loss. If you can’t hear your metal detector clearly, you may miss out on nuggets (or other treasures) that are smaller in size or buried deeper in the ground. To increase your prospects for success (yes, pun intended), hearing aids can
One of the big benefits of new technology is being able to enjoy familiar activities in a new way. With smartphones and tablets now commonplace, listening to your favourite stories in the form of audiobooks, whenever and wherever you want is more convenient than ever. You can listen to them during long drives and flights,
Hospitality is a profession that may cause hearing loss
Everyone knows that some occupations are more prone than others to causing hearing loss. But you might be surprised by some of the professions on the list. We take a look at some of the unexpected occupations that could put you at risk of premature hearing loss. Farmers Life in the country seems idyllic, but
We’ve all experienced it – we’re sitting there, engrossed watching our favourite TV show. It jumps to a commercial break and we jump! Why are TV commercials so much louder than the TV shows? It’s mostly an issue of perception. A Bit of Psychology Filmmakers use a wide range of sound to help bring light
Value Hearing looks at our modern noisy environment and what that means to your health, hearing and well-being
Scientists are starting to make a big noise about the harmful effects of constant sound, not only on our physical well-being, but also our mental health. In fact, some experts consider noise pollution to be just as harmful as air pollution. “Noise pollution causes hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, strokes and death,” says Dr Daniel
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Value Haring takes a look at a condition called Surfer's Ear
Many people have heard of Swimmer’s Ear – a painful infection which inflames the outer ear – but fewer realise there is another condition that affects Australian water-lovers. And it can result in hearing loss, and surfers are particularly at risk. The condition is called Surfer’s Ear. Its medical name is exostosis, which is abnormal
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Value Hearing takes a look at Meniere's Disease
Meniere’s disease is a condition first identified by a 19th century French doctor named Prosper Meniere. It affects the inner ear as a result of an abnormal buildup of fluid. Not surprisingly, this buildup affects balance and, as a result, sufferers experience vertigo and nausea. They also describe their ears feeling blocked or ‘full’. Often