Value Heaering looks at how you can safely clean your ears at home.
Ear wax. It’s something we don’t like to talk about, but it’s good to know that everyone has and it serves a very important purpose. It is the body’s natural defense against ear canal infections. The production of acidic cerumen prevents infection by raising the pH of the ear canal, thereby making the environment less
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Why do we have Ear Wax? The normal ear canal is lined with skin, with an average of 24mm in length and has the capacity to hold up to 2ml of fluid.  It is the outer one-third of the external auditory canal that is cartilaginous, and is the site of the earwax (cerumen) production.  The
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Written by Michael Parker (Audiologist – Melbourne office)  Earwax is the brownish-yellow substance produced in the ear canal. Despite its bad rap, ear wax plays an important part in maintaining a healthy outer ear. In healthy amounts, wax helps to clean the canal as it naturally migrates out of the ear; lubricates the ear to
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It’s often the little things in life that get you down, isn’t it? And when it comes to little things they don’t get much littler than wax guards, those funny little white pads on the end of those stick thingummy-bobs in the flat hinged box that came with your hearing aids. You probably don’t give