Value Hearing helps you through the maze of hearing aid information
We understand that getting hearing aids is a big investment – and not just in cost. Wearing hearing aids is also an investment in time and lifestyle adjustments too. Part of our mission here at Value Hearing to encourage people to obtain as much information they need in order to make an informed choice. In
Value Hearing looks at successful travelling with hearing aids.
The sky’s the limit when you have your best possible hearing. And one of the questions we’re asked regularly at Value Hearing is how to successfully travel with hearing aids – especially if you’re planning to fly to your destination. If travel is in your plans, we have some helpful tips to make sure you
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Why Do Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Have a Tab? Zinc Air hearing aid batteries use air as an energy source, and the tab seals the air holes on the battery. Once the tab is removed, it takes approximately two minutes before the hearing aid battery is activated/charged, however, it was recently discovered that 5
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Battery Life Extension Tips

Batteries are the heart of hearing aids – without them your hearing aids won’t work at all. So follow our handy tips that will improve the battery life of your hearing aids. Here is a short list of tips that could noticeably extend your battery life  Before inserting a fresh battery into your hearing aids,
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