Don’t be an Unhappy Statistic! Don’t buy a hearing aid before reading this guide! If you already have and you’re not happy with them, then we have another guide which may help you here. It was recently reported that on average 1 out of 3 (33%) people who get fitted with hearing aids in Australia,
Since 2014 there have been hearing aids available that could connect directly to iPhone without any intermediary neck worn or clip on device. This is fine and well, but only 10% of people who use hearing aids have iPhones. The rest simply had to make due with a neck worn device (not popular with the
No matter how cheaply you can purchase a hearing aid, they are still a significant investment in yourself, costing thousands of dollars for a good quality set.  Not only are they an investment in financial terms, but also in your health as new research suggests they might be able to cut your risk of dementia

2017 Hearing Aid Overviews

2017 Hearing Aids are quite amazing performers Never before has technology like that found in today’s hearing aids from the big brand been available to help reduce the frustrations associated with hearing loss. All the big brands have new chips available delivering sound quality and performance like never before. We have many articles full of
Video Guides to Hearing Aid Troubleshooting   Maintaining hearing aids are fairly simple once you know what is expected, but some tasks are easier to explain by way of video. As such we are in the process of compiling a series of short but clear videos to help with the more complex tasks of Hearing
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Most people first discovering the need for hearing aids desire invisible hearing aids. Unfortunately, Invisible hearing aids come with a few inherent issues, which can severely affect performance and reliability. Phonak has perfected a new production technique using Titanium, which solves many of the issues.  More on this later. Let’s look at where we were
Why Do Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Have a Tab? Zinc Air hearing aid batteries use air as an energy source, and the tab seals the air holes on the battery. Once the tab is removed, it takes approximately two minutes before the hearing aid battery is activated/charged, however, it was recently discovered that 5
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Signia has recently released the new Silk hearing aids, developed to make life as simple as possible for people who experience hearing loss. Comfortable, discreet and secure, these little wonders are hidden deep in the ear and, thanks to super-soft slip-on silicone sleeves in different sizes, fit in most ears, instantly. There’s no need to
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Signia’s latest range of Cellion products have all been developed to make life easier for those with hearing loss. People with hearing loss expect one thing from their hearing aids above all else: that they can once again clearly understand everyone and everything in their surroundings. It is even better, however, if the handling is
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When discussing hearing aids, I’m often asked: “Do I need two hearing aids? Why can’t I just wear one?”   It’s a great question, and certainly one hearing aid is going to provide more benefit than none. However, in most cases two hearing aids (binaural fittings) are required to get the best outcome. Wearing one
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