How to avoid becoming caught up in misleading practices   There has been a lot of talk lately about how the hearing industry is unregulated and how some clinics are rorting the system and making exuberant profit out of unsuspecting client with hearing loss. Some of these claims are unfortunately true, but this has now
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Single-sided deafness (SSD) refers to a condition where a person has usable hearing in one ear only. The poorer ear does not receive benefit from traditional hearing aids, whilst the better ear may have normal hearing, or a hearing loss. People with SSD may have difficulties in localising sounds, detecting speech on their poorer hearing
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Phonak has been gradually rolling out its phenomenal Venture chip set in all its hearing aid models and styles. The hearing aid range designed for severe to profound hearing loss, called the NAIDA is the latest to receive this update. This is very exciting for users of Power Hearing aids as it is the first
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I have just returned from Oticon’s Annual OBA conference, this time held in the NT. The weather was beautiful and the rugged beauty of the desert was a sight for sore eyes. The most exciting announcement at the conference was the imminent release of a paradigm shift in Oticon’s hearing aid strategy. For years Oticon,
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Improvement of hearing in quiet DOES NOT equal an improvement in noise Improving your hearing in quiet with hearing aids is quite easy as long as your brain is able to interpret amplified speech. Audiology has been able to do that with decent amplification for years, if not decades. The industry is so good at
Starkey Hearing Aids
Better Sound Quality meets Improved Performance: Starkey Hearing Aids has just released a new line of hearing aids based on its brand new Quad Core Synergy chipset. This chipset has allowed them to leapfrog some of the largest hearing aid in the world in regards to a few core functionalities relating to sound quality and
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Which Hearing Aid is the Best
Hearing aid technology levels are arbitrary levels set by suppliers and hearing aid retailers to separate hearing aids into different performance and hearing aid price categories. Different manufacturers have different levels and some have fewer or more levels. At Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions, we use 5 different levels to group different manufacturer’s technology into. They increase
Computer Chip in Digital Hearing Aid
Sister companies, Phonak and Unitron have released a revolutionary new chipset, that is changing the way we hear. It is found in Phonak’s V range of instruments as well as Unitron’s Moxi North and Stride ranges. The new chipset is truly market leading in being one of the fastest, if not the fastest, hearing aid
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It all started with the release of the Audeo V (Phonak) and Moxi North (Unitron) range of receiver in the ear hearing aids early in 2015, followed by the Phonak Bolero V range and the Unitron Stride BTE range later in 2015. Both these sister companies are owned by Sonova, the world’s largest Hearing Aid
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Many people want the smallest, best, cheapest and most reliable hearing aids all in on product. Unfortunately, such a single product does not currently exist. Small hearing aids such as completely-in-the-canal (CIC) or the newer, smaller Invisible-in-the canal (IIC) devices are very popular in the client’s mind, but they do come with some caveats, that