Widex Launched UNIQUE™

UNIQUE™ Widex has recently launched their newest hearing aid technology called the UNIQUE™. The new Unique range replaces the well-known DREAM™ range. With the incredibly wide dynamic range of 108dB the Unique can give you access to a much wider range of sounds from very soft ( 5dBSPL) up to very loud (113dBSPL). This gives
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Hearing The “Truth”

Unregulated, Unqualified and Misdiagnosed. Morgan, Elysse. ‘Privatising Australian Hearing Will Exacerbate ‘Cowboy’ Industry’. ABC News, 2015. Web. 7 Oct. 2015. –http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-06/privatising-australian-hearing-will-exacerbate-cowboy-industry/6829216 This seems the undesired future of the Australian Private Hearing Aid market and quite possibly the future of Australian Hearing. Seemingly the concept of Business Ethics and a Good Deal, has gone out the
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Battery Life Extension Tips

Batteries are the heart of hearing aids – without them your hearing aids won’t work at all. So follow our handy tips that will improve the battery life of your hearing aids. Here is a short list of tips that could noticeably extend your battery life  Before inserting a fresh battery into your hearing aids,
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New Technology On The Horizon

Earlier this year Phonak and Siemens launched fantastic new chipsets but did not fill out their entire range yet. So we expect some new releases based on their current industry leading technologies during the EUHA. Phonak is expected to roll out their 24 bit Venture chipset to in-the-ear hearing aids. Siemens is likely to launch low
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If you have trouble understanding speech then the newly released Oticon range of hearing aids – Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 – may be just what you’re looking for. Oticon’s Inium Sense Processor promises to provide better speech understanding by boosting soft speech, while also making tinnitus a lot less annoying by generating unique ocean sounds
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It’s often the little things in life that get you down, isn’t it? And when it comes to little things they don’t get much littler than wax guards, those funny little white pads on the end of those stick thingummy-bobs in the flat hinged box that came with your hearing aids. You probably don’t give
Hearing aids are sensitive electronic devices, and like most electronic devices, the one thing they don’t like is moisture. Let’s face it, hearing aids don’t come cheap, so it makes sense to protect your valuable investment and keep them functioning. Look after them and they’ll look after you. In the rigours of daily life your
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Not if they’re properly fitted by a qualified professional. Properly fitted hearing aids don’t just crank up the volume on everything, they increase it in those areas where you have a hearing loss. Think of them as your own personal graphic equaliser, increasing the volume where you need it most. But they also amplify different
If you haven’t bought  new hearing aids in recent years then you may be missing out on the benefits of Bluetooth technology in the latest models. Bluetooth offers the hearing impaired a range of benefits including access to music players and radio, while making mobile phones a lot easier to use. Perhaps you’ve heard of
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With twice the processing power over its previous models, the new Phonak Audeo V range of hearing aids offers its users better hearing in a range of challenging situations and the better quality of life that goes with that. The top of the range Audeo V90 now offers seven automatic programs to deal with problems
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