Hearing aids are more connected than ever before

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Inarguably, the most significant development in hearing aid technology in 2018 has been direct connectivity between hearing devices and mobile phones. Bluetooth has been a longstanding feature of hearing aids but has previously required a ‘middle man’ device worn on the user to connect the two technologies. With the development of direct connectivity, we have
Since 2014 there have been hearing aids available that could connect directly to iPhone without any intermediary neck worn or clip on device. This is fine and well, but only 10% of people who use hearing aids have iPhones. The rest simply had to make due with a neck worn device (not popular with the

2017 Hearing Aid Overviews

2017 Hearing Aids are quite amazing performers Never before has technology like that found in today’s hearing aids from the big brand been available to help reduce the frustrations associated with hearing loss. All the big brands have new chips available delivering sound quality and performance like never before. We have many articles full of
Rechargeable hearing aid
Rechargeable hearing aids, or more accurately, Hearing aids using rechargeable batteries have been around for some time. Siemens were first to release their rechargeable hearing aids at least a decade ago. Later GnResound dipped a toe into these waters, only to discontinue their rechargeable hearing aid options soon after. These older rechargeable hearing aids worked by
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Single-sided deafness (SSD) refers to a condition where a person has usable hearing in one ear only. The poorer ear does not receive benefit from traditional hearing aids, whilst the better ear may have normal hearing, or a hearing loss. People with SSD may have difficulties in localising sounds, detecting speech on their poorer hearing
Phonak has been gradually rolling out its phenomenal Venture chip set in all its hearing aid models and styles. The hearing aid range designed for severe to profound hearing loss, called the NAIDA is the latest to receive this update. This is very exciting for users of Power Hearing aids as it is the first
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Computer Chip in Digital Hearing Aid
Sister companies, Phonak and Unitron have released a revolutionary new chipset, that is changing the way we hear. It is found in Phonak’s V range of instruments as well as Unitron’s Moxi North and Stride ranges. The new chipset is truly market leading in being one of the fastest, if not the fastest, hearing aid
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With twice the processing power over its previous models, the new Phonak Audeo V range of hearing aids offers its users better hearing in a range of challenging situations and the better quality of life that goes with that. The top of the range Audeo V90 now offers seven automatic programs to deal with problems
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A breakthrough in hearing aids: We “road test” Phonak’s remarkable new Audeo V90 A Review of the V90 By Mark Schneider – client of Value Hearing Phonak’s Audeo V range of hearing aids is brand new to Australia, though they’ve been available elsewhere since late last year. The technology promises plenty, with twice the processing
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