Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Arguably, the most significant development in hearing aid technology over the last few years, has been direct connectivity between hearing devices and mobile phones. Bluetooth has been a longstanding feature of hearing aids but has previously required a ‘middle man’ device worn on the user to connect the two technologies. With the development of direct
Bluetooth hearing aids gives you the ability to stream your phone, mp3 player, TV and more
Hearing aids are more connected than ever before
Oticon Opn Technology
There are typically two launch seasons with new hearing aid technology being released broadly twice a year. The first occurs around April and coincides with the AudiologyNow conference held in the United States of America. The second major launch season typically coincides with the German European Union Hearing Aid (EUHA) conference held around October each year.
Signia Nx
There has been a lot of new and improved hearing aid technology released in 2017. As we move towards the end of the year, Signia have released their latest platform, the Signia Nx. The Signia Nx claims to ‘replicate nature’ with Signia’s development of ‘Own Voice Processing’ (OVP) for a natural ‘own voice’ experience. Makes
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Signia has recently released the new Silk hearing aids, developed to make life as simple as possible for people who experience hearing loss. Comfortable, discreet and secure, these little wonders are hidden deep in the ear and, thanks to super-soft slip-on silicone sleeves in different sizes, fit in most ears, instantly. There’s no need to
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Signia’s latest range of Cellion products have all been developed to make life easier for those with hearing loss. People with hearing loss expect one thing from their hearing aids above all else: that they can once again clearly understand everyone and everything in their surroundings. It is even better, however, if the handling is
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Hearing aids have come a long way from what they used to be. Compared to the large devices that people with hearing impairments had to wear, they are now so tiny; very few will even notice that someone is wearing them. The modern hearing aids automatically adapt and synchronize to environmental or user changes to
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