Brain power is exhausting. And when your hearing is not optimised, your brain is working harder than it needs to try to make sense of the sounds your ears are hearing. Hearing fatigue can happen in a number of different ways. Pre-existing hearing loss Getting used to wearing hearing aids and experiencing the return of
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No doubt that you’re aware of the risks of osteoporosis – especially you happen to be of a certain age. Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose minerals, such as calcium, more quickly than the body can replace them, causing a loss of bone thickness (bone density or mass). While we tend to think of ‘brittle bones’
Once you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, you’ll know how essential they are getting the most out of life. So it’s no surprise that some clients experience a moment of panic when their hearing aids don’t work. While we welcome anyone to call us at anytime about their hearing aids, we have some
The popular Phonak Marvel, which was nominated for an Edison Award for design this year, is now available with Telecoil and new SlimTip Titanium. Since its release in late 2018, the Marvel range has been very well received by our clients. They enjoy improved hearing with its 3rd generation super directionality, which offers the best hearing
Value Hearing helps you through the maze of hearing aid information
We understand that getting hearing aids is a big investment – and not just in cost. Wearing hearing aids is also an investment in time and lifestyle adjustments too. Part of our mission here at Value Hearing to encourage people to obtain as much information they need in order to make an informed choice. In
Value Hearing looks at misheard lyrics
We’ve all misheard song lyrics from time to time – but rest assured, it might have nothing to do with your hearing! It’s something everyone has experienced, so much so that the particular phenomenon has its own name: Mondegreen.  Appropriately enough, the name itself is a misheard lyric. And comes from an anecdote told by
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It’s World Hearing Day on March 3, 2019. According to the United Nations, there will be nearly 630 million people with disabling hearing loss by 2030. By 2050, the number could rise to over 900 million. The good news is there is plenty you can do to minimise the risk of hearing loss. If you
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Value Hearing looks at Bluetooth
Some people concerned about mobile phone radiation also express concern about Bluetooth connectivity. We take a look Bluetooth technology and why you don’t need to worry about radiation. What Is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices. It operates on a radio frequency (yes, just
Value Hearing looks at the history of sound in the movies
Did you know a piece of top-secret military technology changed how we enjoyed the movies forever? From the first moment flickering images were projected on a screen, filmmakers wanted to add sound to the experience. The first attempt was sound on disc. These were giant records 16-inches in diameter (the modern LP is 12-inches across).
Famous people with hearing loss
Veteran rocker Phil Collins is currently impressing audiences around Australia with a high energy show featuring his major hits. But there is something that you may not know about Phil – he wears a hearing aid, which is proof that hearing loss doesn’t have to hold you back! The Grammy and Oscar-winning songwriter, singer and