Value Hearing suggests hearing aid insurance might be the missing piece of protect your investment
Hearing Aid Insurance My rabbit ate my hearing aid… Well, I was eating cashews in bed while watching something on TV. I took my hearing aid out and the next thing you know… Don’t worry, at Value Hearing, we’ve heard them all.  We can quickly get you refitted with new hearing aids to make sure
If you’ve been using hearing aids for a while, you’ll know that they need some attention from time to time. If you haven’t, then you need to be aware that the initial settings on your hearing aid won’t necessarily be the same settings a year or two down the track. There are several reasons for
No matter how cheaply you can purchase a hearing aid, they are still a significant investment in yourself, costing thousands of dollars for a good quality set.  Not only are they an investment in financial terms, but also in your health as new research suggests they might be able to cut your risk of dementia
It takes more that just a hearing aid to improve your hearing over the long term   Finding the right hearing aid can be a daunting process, without the right support. It could take lots of research, guessing and several missteps before you find your ideal hearing solution. Like many people, you might think that
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  Who does this apply to? Existing clients of Value Hearing – i.e. you have been in to see one of your audiologists for a consultation New Clients who wish to have both them and a friend tested at the same time – significant discounts await Why are you doing this, what’s the catch? Value