Three Must Have Hearing Aid Features for Optimal Performance in 2019       PLUS a few more niche ones for specialist applications. As well as our predictions on what is coming in 2019 Updated: 3/1/19 Modern hearing aids have many built-in features. It is hard for the layman to know which features actually make
Rechargeable hearing aid
Rechargeable hearing aids, or more accurately, Hearing aids using rechargeable batteries have been around for some time. Siemens were first to release their rechargeable hearing aids at least a decade ago. Later GnResound dipped a toe into these waters, only to discontinue their rechargeable hearing aid options soon after. These older rechargeable hearing aids worked by
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Phonak has been gradually rolling out its phenomenal Venture chip set in all its hearing aid models and styles. The hearing aid range designed for severe to profound hearing loss, called the NAIDA is the latest to receive this update. This is very exciting for users of Power Hearing aids as it is the first
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Which Hearing Aid is the Best
Hearing aid technology levels are arbitrary levels set by suppliers and hearing aid retailers to separate hearing aids into different performance and hearing aid price categories. Different manufacturers have different levels and some have fewer or more levels. At Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions, we use 5 different levels to group different manufacturer’s technology into. They increase
Computer Chip in Digital Hearing Aid
Sister companies, Phonak and Unitron have released a revolutionary new chipset, that is changing the way we hear. It is found in Phonak’s V range of instruments as well as Unitron’s Moxi North and Stride ranges. The new chipset is truly market leading in being one of the fastest, if not the fastest, hearing aid
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It all started with the release of the Audeo V (Phonak) and Moxi North (Unitron) range of receiver in the ear hearing aids early in 2015, followed by the Phonak Bolero V range and the Unitron Stride BTE range later in 2015. Both these sister companies are owned by Sonova, the world’s largest Hearing Aid
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New Technology On The Horizon

Earlier this year Phonak and Siemens launched fantastic new chipsets but did not fill out their entire range yet. So we expect some new releases based on their current industry leading technologies during the EUHA. Phonak is expected to roll out their 24 bit Venture chipset to in-the-ear hearing aids. Siemens is likely to launch low
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Not if they’re properly fitted by a qualified professional. Properly fitted hearing aids don’t just crank up the volume on everything, they increase it in those areas where you have a hearing loss. Think of them as your own personal graphic equaliser, increasing the volume where you need it most. But they also amplify different
With twice the processing power over its previous models, the new Phonak Audeo V range of hearing aids offers its users better hearing in a range of challenging situations and the better quality of life that goes with that. The top of the range Audeo V90 now offers seven automatic programs to deal with problems
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A breakthrough in hearing aids: We “road test” Phonak’s remarkable new Audeo V90 A Review of the V90 By Mark Schneider – client of Value Hearing Phonak’s Audeo V range of hearing aids is brand new to Australia, though they’ve been available elsewhere since late last year. The technology promises plenty, with twice the processing
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