Choosing the right hearing aid, in consultation with your audiologist, should give your best possible hearing. A new hearing aid will have the latest technology* such rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity and supporting apps. They are also discreetly sized, offer remote support. New ones are coming onto the market have sensors to detect medical conditions and
With the heat of summer over, a number of fortunate retirees might be considering hitting the road and joining the caravan of grey nomads. But before you set off, there are things you should do to maximise your enjoyment and to stay safe on the road. Before you go Clothing packed? Check! Car serviced? Check!
Value Hearing looks at how to overcome social isolation after hearing loss
It starts with simply taking the back seat in group conversations. It’s difficult to hear what anyone is saying with any clarity, so listening intently makes it difficult to contribute anything meaningful because as soon as you’ve processed what’s being said (or what you think has been said), the conversation has passed you by. And
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Value Hearing helps you through the maze of hearing aid information
We understand that getting hearing aids is a big investment – and not just in cost. Wearing hearing aids is also an investment in time and lifestyle adjustments too. Part of our mission here at Value Hearing to encourage people to obtain as much information they need in order to make an informed choice. In
There’s no getting around it. Hearing aids are expensive. Depending on the level of technology, the price difference between base models and the top of the line can be many thousands of dollars. It’s no surprise that people ask the question – why are hearing aids so expensive? There are a number of different factors
Having hearing loss doesn't mean you can't perform your best at work.
Has work become ‘hard work’ recently? Research has revealed that most people wait 8 years from first noticing hearing difficulties to finally being fitted with hearing aids. So if you’re still in the workforce, that is an extended period where your work performance may not be at its peak. The Hearing Care Industry Association’s report,
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Value Hearing looks at how to clean your hearing aids
Hearing aids are a modern miniature technological marvel. And like all sophisticated pieces of equipment, they need regular care and maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. There are two main parts of any hearing aid that need daily attention: the microphone (where the sound enters the hearing aid), and the receiver/speaker (where the
Looking forward to rocking out with your Bluetooth hearing aids. Value hearing has some tips.
by Christo Fourie Bluetooth hearing aids certainly add an extra dimension to your hearing aid experience. They can add a lot of fun features such as the ability to stream your favourite music or podcast directly through your hearing aid. They even allow you to take calls on your mobile phone. With this added functionality
You’re at a family gathering, sitting on a long table with family and friends.  Multiple conversations are going on around. There is an interesting conversation going on in front of you.  You decide to lean forward to hear more, yet you find it hard to zone in, it just feels like a wall of noise.  
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A common misconception about hearing aids is that they are big and ugly. However, with advancements in technology, there are now more options than ever before when it comes to hearing aids. In fact, most people are pleasantly surprised when they see just how small and discreet a hearing aid actually is. Despite this, some
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