Welcome To The Hearing Aid Blog

Welcome to our hearing aid blog. This brand new section has been added to our website to further enchance the level of information it provides.

I wish to make this blog as interactive as possible. So I would love to hear your comments about it and our website in general.

Please also feel free to ask if there is any hearing or hearing aid related topic you would like to see me write an article on.

Don't hesitate to tell us if there is something you love about our website 
or hate for that matter. We always aim to please and value your input.

These are some of the ideas we might explore in future posts:

* Are hearing aids bought in Australia really more expensive than those bought overseas or online?

* The 4 shocking facts about untreated hearing loss

*What makes for a good hearing test

* Why you might really need a second opinion on your hearing aid recommendations

* Technologies that makes hearing aids more comfortable, less visible, easier to use and even more affordable

* What to look for in a hearing aid

* Is the hearing industry a rip off in Australia?

* How to make sure you are getting the best out of your hearing aids

* Where are hearing aids headed in the future?

* How to help your hearing provider better fine tune your hearing aids to the way you want it.

* Hearing aids are meant to fix the brain, not your ears

* Why hearing aids seldom if ever whistle anymore

* New hearing aid technologies that make the impossible, possible

* Who makes the best hearing aids?

* How to hear your Television and mobile phone, better that those with normal hearing

* How to  adjust the volume of the ringing in your ears

Any other ideas are always welcome.

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