Our Long-Term Commitment

Ongoing Care For Your Hearing Aids

Ensuring Your Ongoing Satisfaction Long After The Honeymoon Period

Hearing aids are built to be tough and are surprisingly durable for their size, but you have to consider that they are worn in some very harsh conditions including dust, sweat, body oils and heat for up to 17 hours a day, 365 days a year! All of this wear and tear adds up over time and hearing aids inevitably need some TLC and repair.

Most clinics simply leave it up to the client to decide when they require assistance. This works ok for the clinic as they don't need to spend much time with their clients after the initial sale, saving them money and time. We have however found that many people simply do not realise that their hearing aids' performance has deteriorated over time due to normal wear and tear.


This Leads To One Of Two Things Happening:

  1. They wear their aids with inferior performance for many months and then only come in for a service once they get fed up with their family's complaints or when the hearing aid finally dies on them. They are usually quite frustrated at this point!
  2. They stop wearing their hearing aids altogether and decide that hearing aids simply don't work despite the fact that they got significant benefit initially. This wastes all that money they spent on improving their hearing and obviously leads to much dissatisfaction for all involved!

Obviously Neither Outcome Is Ideal

Realising the importance of ongoing care, Value Hearing has in place an automated system of ongoing care, where we make sure we make contact with our hearing aid clients at least once every six months. This allows our clinicians to check the hearing aids for any wear that might be affecting performance and to also clean the hearing aids to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. This also offers an opportunity for the client to raise any concerns regarding the hearing aid performance and to have them addressed before they become serious issues. We also check our clients' hearing at least once a year to allow us to adjust the hearing aids for optimal performance even when their hearing changes.

On top of that we encourage our clients to contact us at any time in between these visits with any issues they are experiencing. All of this leads to better outcomes for our clients. As a bonus we actively recall clients at least 3 months prior to their hearing aids' warranty expiry and offer them a last opportunity to get their hearing aids services for free.

Service Packages to Suit Your Needs and Budget

To allow our valued clients to make use of these vital services in a cost effective manner, we offer our hearing aids with a number of aftercare packages. These packages are designed to give you as much of as little aftercare as you require or desire. All hearing aids bought from us come with a 60 day money back guarantee and at least 3 Years manufacturer warranty regardless of the aftercare package chosen. The choice is yours!

Fit & Go 60 Aftercare (F&G60)

  • 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • An option to exchange for another model hearing aid if your first choice is discovered to be less than ideal
  • Personal Face-to-Face Initial Setup Of The Hearing Aids
  • Unlimited Follow-ups for the first 60 days to ensure optimal initial Outcome
  • Supply Of Batteries (1 Year)
This aftercare is included in our low hearing aid prices. It is designed to get you hearing optimally and gives you enough time to move completely through the honeymoon period. The 60 day money back guarantee ensures you end up with a solution that you will actually use and benefit from.

3 Year Extended Aftercare

  • 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • An option to exchange for another model hearing aid if your first choice is discovered to be less than ideal
  • Unlimited Consultations & Adjustments For The First 3 Years.
  • 3 Year Supply Of Batteries
  • Loan Aids When Yours Require Servicing
Our 3 Year Aftercare is by far our most popular and best value package. It gives complete peace of mind ensuring ongoing long term benefit. It delivers on average around $3000 worth of extra value over the 3 Years.

Once Your Aftercare Has Run Out:

We never stop supporting you in better hearing. Once your aftercare runs out you may simply choose to pay as you go for required services. Alternatively you could buy an extended aftercare package at a preferential rate, saving significantly on individual visits.

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