Online Hearing Aids

Consumers are using the internet more and more to make online purchases for many common goods and services. Although online hearing aids sales are small in number compared to traditional hearing aid sales, is taking this path a valid way to attend to your health care?

The main lure of online hearing aids sales is a rock bottom price in most cases, and also for those who live in remote areas where hearing aid services just aren’t available. It is true that lower hearing aid prices can be found online, but what is the catch? Having a successful experience with hearing aids is more than just having the hardware to put in your ear.

There are many different hearing aids, features, technologies and styles in the marketplace today. Selecting the right hearing aid styles and technologies to suit your individual needs is the first step. A poor decision on what hearing aid to purchase can lead to much derision and frustration, at a time where you need to be comfortable and relaxed to start getting used to a new way of hearing. Once you have selected a particular, this then needs to be set up for your individual test results. To do this correctly, you need to have some testing done with the hearing aids in your ears and the sound level measured whilst you are wearing them. This scenario is impossible at present with online hearing aid purchases.

Other factors to consider are the availability of on going after care services, as there is often a need to do some fine tuning in the short term, and also re-testing and adjustment of hearing aids in the long term. If you need to send the hearing aid back to an online hearing aids provider, you will be without them for many days, and any acclimatising to the new hearing aid sound you have done will need to be done again. It is also important to check what warranties are available with any online hearing aids purchase, as many manufacturers will not give warranty on the devices unless it is fitted by a registered clinician face to face, as they understand the importance of having a traditional hearing aid fitting in being successful with their products.

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