Premium Package

From: $99.00 / month

The Premium package is ideal for hearing aid users of any level of experience who want only the very best service and outcome available. Approximately provides up to $2,005 per year in value.

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60 per Aid (1 Year Supply)

Clean, Check & Optimise Visits

2 included consultations with the clinician to ensure optimal long term benefit.

Extra Visits

Unlimited – See the Clinician when problems arise without concern about visit costs

Loan Aid

Included – So you aren't left without hearing when your hearing aid is off to repair

Remote Pro

Up To 2 Visits (remotely) with our best expert in the issue you are having


At Cost Price – Simply pay what the manufacturer charges us for out of warranty repairs.

Wax Filters

Up to $40 worth of hearing aid wax filters included per year


Up to $45 Worth of Domes included per year – or an earmould per ear per year.

Priority Appointments

Where Possible we try and fit you in.

Extra Discounts

30% Off Extra Consumables – like more filters, tubing, drying tablets etc. Excludes accessories (remote controls etc.)

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