Not Sure What Your Next Step to Better Hearing is?This Unique $25 Screening Appointment Allows You To Discover Your Next step in 20 Minutes

At Value Hearing we offer unique obligation free screening assessments for only $25.00. After the 20 minute assessment we will provide you with a report demonstrating your current hearing loss, what your next steps are, as well as which specific technology level is most ideal for you if hearing aids are indicated. You will not find a screening assessment with this level of detail anywhere else.

This screening assessment is perfect for you if:

  • You just wish to discover if you have an actual hearing problem in the first place

  • You don't know whether a hearing aid is the ideal solution for you and you wish to learn what your next steps should be

  • You know you need hearing aids, but you aren't sure which hearing aid range you really need to be looking at

An Example Of A Value Hearing Screening Result

Based on these screening results, you would be considered to have Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss.

You will receive your own individualised next steps to help guide you in the right direction

Your Next Steps:

You should have the wax removed from your ears

You should consider undergoing a Full Hearing Assessment

Which level of Hearing Aid Technology will work best for me if hearing aids are indicated?

The check mark in the box indicates where you need to be looking to get the best result from current hearing aid technology. The check mark's position is based on the outcome of a speech in noise test that is conducted as part of the screening assessment. Each box has 3 sections, so you will have a clear idea whether you need to look at a higher or a lower featured model within the specific range.

You will also be given your own unique link, based on your results, to help significantly reduce your research efforts

Click the link above to see the list of devices for the example above. This makes it very easy to narrow down your research to only hearing aids that will work for your loss and needs.

Book Your Screening Assessment Today And Discover Next Steps To Better Hearing

Book Your Screening Assessment Today

Only $25.00

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