Client Testimonials

I was extremely satisfied with your service, everything was explained extremely well so I could understand how the hearing aids worked. I was further surprised as you could supply the hearing aids at the time of my first appointment. I was also happy with the price and the included service for the following 3 year

She is my Glittering Gift

Hello again Christo, Further to my previous emails, I attended your Sydney city clinic on 1/11/18 and was seen by Thilini Peiris. She is my Glittering Gift. I will explain why. In early 2015 I saw 2 different audiologist at 2 different practices to get hearing aids. Neither of these very experienced audiologists were able

I get far better monetary value!

I came to Value Hearing several years ago, after I had a rather unsavoury experience with two audiologists in probably the best known (because of their aggressive marketing) Western Australian audiology firm. I had an excellent audiologist with them at first, but alas, she left. -For some reason….. From her teaching, I found myself telling
I expect like many of your clients, I am not the first to have gone through testing through the larger corporation type hearing services throughout all Australian suburbs. I went through two lots of testing, very basic and although not pushing of any products or insisting I would be so much better with hearing aids,
I’ve been ‘elsewhere’ and in brief, I don’t like: seem mostly the blind trying to influence others. However, I gave a reasonable rating for service at Value Hearing’s Brisbane office because of : 1. The statement that Value Hearing was willing to suggest a wide range of brands, and recommend the most appropriate for my

First class service

My new hearing aids are fabulous. I am virtually wearing them all day, as they are so comfortable. Seriously those Siemens used to drive me nuts. I literally could not wait to take them out plus, by comparison, they were of little benefit. I went to a concert last night. The sounds were heavenly! Anyway,

Value Hearing is superb

Value Hearing is superb. I went to three different hearing aid providers and yours was head and shoulders above your competition (Bloom and National Hearing)! The information and guidance I got from Hanny was excellent and flawless. She is a not only a delightful person, but also extremely competent and patient. She is also very
Dear Chisto, I know you are busy and would not intend to bother, but having had a very positive experience with Value Hearing I hope this mail brings its own small  reward? How well I remember first mailing you on  Sunday morning (never expectimg a reply until the working week). The helpful reply came swiftly from yourself
I have visited a few hearing clinics, over the past few years, and during my recent appointment with Christo Fourie, I realised that he and the service he provided was on a higher league, compared to the other clinics. He is thorough and professional in his approach and I recommend him to any person who
To all the people looking to acquire hearing aids. It can be a very daunting experience to go through the process of trying to select the right ones. I can honestly tell you I was very reluctant to get hearing aids and held back for several years and guessing I’m not the only one out