Although I drove a long distance across the city and not such a confident driver, what a delight to enter the rooms of Value Hearing


I expect like many of your clients, I am not the first to have gone through testing through the larger corporation type hearing services throughout all Australian suburbs. I went through two lots of testing, very basic and although not pushing of any products or insisting I would be so much better with hearing aids, both times , I left feeling that I had little real knowledge of my hearing loss causes or whether my hearing could be guaranteed to improve with the addition of aids . This lead me to believe, there was more research to be undertaken on my part, that is time and where does one next go to find this information.
BINGO, a glowing reference from a very satisfied Value Hearing Customer who had traveled my path but had also invested in hearing aids at both of the services he attended with an outcome of very little satisfaction and many dollars spent.
Well, this kind of verbal satisfaction review from an intelligent and contented aids wearing man saw me with an appointment the very next week!
Although I drove a long distance across the city and not such a confident driver, what a delight to enter the rooms of Value Hearing with courteous, exceptional reception staff, tea offered, directed to toilet facilities if needed and then WOW, ushered in to meet the Audiologist , a thorough history taken and then the commencement of the physical ear check, complete with my ears photographically displayed on a large screen in real time and everything about my ear explained , including the wax level, the reason I was feeling some itchiness of the ear related to a little dermatitis.
This level of technology blew me away and although I have a nursing background and view client ears on a regular basis, I believe that even people without this knowledge would benefit from seeing their own internal ears leading to a better understanding at the end of their consult, why and how they have their hearing loss. As my consultation continued I was to be even more amazed how this advanced technology would unfold to demonstrate to me the levels of my hearing loss,(not just explained via a paper graph) the reasons for the loss, how it could be improved and once I selected the aids of my choice to have the improvement demonstrated to me in almost a life style scenario when the crowded bar room screen video was adjusted noise level wise to show how adjusting my aids could improve filtering out the background noise.
Do I regret my choice of choosing Value Hearing or the cost? No way, I am certain that there is no way I will be seeking any alternative services or expressing negative thoughts to any family or friends but the exact opposite. Although very few people have even detected my wearing of hearing aids and that includes the six doctors I work with, the ones, particularly a sister I have told, my message has been “do yourself a favour, at least go have an appointment  at Value Hearing, you will come out with confidence re your loss and then make a choice to continue with a follow-up appointment and I am sure you will be as satisfied as I have been”.
I know I can make an appointment at any time or at least talk via a phone call if I am unsure of anything about concerns or the product. Almost daily I wear my aids from waking time to bedtime, find them so easy to adjust the volumes and discreetly if in company and being a woman with my hair style still in place.
I have a special sister, Coral and even though she is so busy at the age of 73 years, single-handedly raising a granddaughter from week 5 to now an active 11 month old, she will soon, on my advice be making an appointment  with Value Hearing at Applecross and just this last week after reading some of the emails from you, have been able to tell her that your company includes seeing and helping Pensioners. If ever a lady needed to make things easier for herself which would include a change from her current problematic aids into easy to maintain, stay in place aids that the baby would have less trouble displacing, I would be delighted for her.
Kindest regards ,
Sue Alexander
Although I drove a long distance across the city and not such a confident driver, what a delight to enter the rooms of Value Hearing
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