Anonymous Perth client


I started having hearing problems over 10 years ago and have dealt with the same audiologist in that time up until this year, 2010. I have major tinnitus problems and the people I dealt with never seemed interested all they did was sell me hearing aids and fob me off. Thankfully a family friend did a bit of research for me as he knew I was unhappy. He came across Christo’s webpage and suggested I make an appointment. Christo was so empathetic to my problems and after a very thorough appointment which, covered everything I walked out with a set of demo hearing aids all set up for me, at no charge for a week and also a trial of the Phonak Icom. I was blown away to be honest, that someone would be so trusting and I felt so emotional as for the first time in years my tinnitus was under control – no more ringing in the ears.


We did have a few teething problems along the way, but nothing was too much trouble for Christo and I never felt stupid which, some people make you feel. I am so happy to say after saving $2000.00 dollars and being able to watch TV at a reasonable level due to my Icom and also talk on my mobile as clearly as if I had normal hearing. Needless to say I bought the Phonak Icom which is with me all the time. I cannot thank Christo enough for what he has done for me he has turned my life around. All of you people who have hearing difficulties will relate to what I mean. My life was terrible due to bad hearing 24/7. I will never hesitate to recommend Christo to anyone I know who has hearing difficulties. Nothing is ever a problem for him and he will fit you in at anytime and listens to every word you say which is nice.


Thank you so much Christo

Anonymous Perth client
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