Barry James

Fortunately, my sojourn into the complex and high tech world of obtaining hearing improvement devices led me to Christo and his staff at Value Hearing. After what I had considered to be mediocre displays of professionalism and concern that as an individual I should be entitled to the best possible choice of device for my circumstances at a fair price, by another inner city establishment, Christo was a breath of fresh air. I was now able to enjoy thorough and informative discussion and clear answers to my questions regarding my diminished hearing ability and the likelihood of improvement to my long term tinnitus.

I had almost decided that selecting appropriate aids was going to be akin to selecting a new car along with all the scope of choice and uncertainty surrounding that exercise. With an un-hurried and friendly manner I was guided through the testing and selection process and offered appropriate options from which I could easily make an informed choice. But the best was yet to come. Hearing aids are an expensive investment in anyone’s language and one rarely expects that the price of identical items from different professional establishments will vary more than a little. Imagine my surprise and elation when I discovered that Value Hearing’s price was around 20-25% lower than others. Christo, in my humble opinion, you have the right recipe for a long term and successful business and I offer you and your staff my very best wishes.

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