Bill S.


“I have been wearing hearing aids since 2008. Due to average service from my original provider I decided to research Providers, Devices and Costs more thoroughly before replacing my existing hearing aids. I needed a provider who was knowledgeable, experienced, service focused, cost competitive and up to date with current technology in testing and customising hearing aids. I needed a hearing aid which was powerful, resistant to perspiration and moisture and which provided clear hearing in different background noise circumstances. I interviewed 3 different providers on their service package, technology, devices and costs. I chose Value Hearing and was very impressed and pleased after my first consultation. One year later I continue to be impressed and pleased with their service.


Value Hearing they were able to help me finalise selection of the correct hearing aids for my needs. They have modern up to date software programs and computer hardware to test and adjust hearing aids and explain your hearing loss. In my situation I needed a sound mode which reduced background noise and enhanced conversation volume in a dancing venue or restaurant. Using their software programs they were able to adjust my hearing aids to provide exactly that. Now when I walk into a dance venue or restaurant I just press a button and my hearing aids go into and stays in the correct mode (dance / dining  mode).  In particular, their Audiologists are very knowledgeable, up to date with current technology, listen to your requirements and know how to make the adjustments to  suit your requirements. They are able to explain sound settings / modes and adjust sound levels in each ear. The local office staff, central support staff and service processes are superior to my previous experiences. Value Hearing office staff phone me every six months to check my hearing aids and book a complementary consultation to make any adjustments if required. Finally hearing aids are expensive and I found Value Hearing to be most cost competitive.


Value Hearing is Knowledgeable, Experienced, Service Focused, Cost Competitive and Technology Current. I am very pleased to highly recommend Value Hearing.”


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