Brian – Best out of Three


After first attending 3 different hearing clinics I discovered your company online. I was amazed at the comprehensiveness of your initial test. You then explained in detail how hearing works and put a camera in my hear so I could have a look around.

The last clinic I had attended was a well-known not for profit organisation that had recommend a top of the range Phonak model at a cost of over $9,000. You explained that with my straight forward hearing loss a mid-range aid would do the job just as well, a saving to me of over $4,000. That was 3 years ago.

I chose the after care package and been wonderfully looked after by your Perth staff. Unfortunately well-meaning doctors are still sending pensioner patients to high cost hearing centres where they pay far too much and don’t get the personal level of service that your company provides.

I can’t thank you enough for providing a cost effective alternative to the mainstream hearing clinics.

Brian G – Perth

Brian – Best out of Three
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