After some time of urging by wife and family to get some hearing aids (appreciating that I did have a hearing issue, and it seemed to be getting worse…but failing to take action), I made a booking with a nationally recognised hearing aid organisation.  I had the full hearing test, and was then presented with the solution to my hearing problem.  It was recommended to purchase the brand and type of aids being promoted by the organisation, which just happened to be a top end and top price brand.  No other brands/types of aids (or price range) were presented as an option/alternative.  They were very keen for me to purchase on the day, however, I told them that I would consider the their offer and be back in touch.


I then went searching on the internet for alternatives and what was generally on offer.


I came across Christo’s business, Value Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions, and was impressed with the way his business was presented and the testimonials that were documented.  I also liked the idea of having options/alternatives as a solution to my hearing needs.


I went and saw Christo, had an intensive hearing test, and was impressed with the way my problem was explained and detailed to me.  Christo then presented up to 5 alternative brands/aids as a solution to my needs, spanning across different price ranges.


After some discussions, it was agreed that the mid range priced aids would sufficiently suit my needs.


Interesting also, was that Christo’s top end brand was the same brand promoted to me by the national organisation, yet Christo’s price was approx $3,000-00 cheaper!


Since purchasing my aids, I have had them regularly reviewed, cleaned and adjusted where necessary (all part of the original purchase price), and found the staff and audiologist to be very professional and attentive ensuring that I continue to get the best hearing possible.


No more urging or complaints of not hearing (just the male species selective hearing from time to time!), and all thanks to Christo and his team.  Thoroughly recommend Value Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions.

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