Well, I’m going good J.  The little adjustments that you made after my first 2 weeks seem to be working very well.


I can’t tell you what a difference these little hearing aids have made to my life, they are just amazing and I LOVE them.  I have surprised myself just how much I love them.  As you know, I was quite apprehensive on our initial consultation.  The main reason being vanity I guess, but I needn’t have bothered because the Phonak aids that you have fitted me with are so discreet even I struggle to see them, and even people that I tell get really up close and personal and almost need a magnifying glass J, so that was that concern laid to rest.  Another concern was that I would get ‘interference’ like buzzing or shhhhing, but NO, none of that either.  From the moment you fitted them my life has improved beyond belief, I hadn’t realised how much I was missing or should I say just not hearing.  I sit outside in our garden just listening to the birds, not that I couldn’t hear them before, but all I could hear without my aids was ‘birds’ now I can distinguish the different bird sounds, unbelievable!  My husband is a happy boy too, he no longer has to come looking for me to get my attention, he can call from the other side of the house and I hear him, he can’t hear me answer though which is quite funny now.  He will be your next candidate I reckon.  Oh, and another thing, when the little alarm sounds now, I do realise it is the batteries that need changing, it’s not the doorbell, so I don’t answer the door anymore….doh!


Anyway, thank you again, also for being so professional, but friendly at the same time by understanding my concerns and addressing them without being patronising.  You guys made the whole experience comfortable and enlightening.  Most of all, thank you for giving me back my ‘quality’ of life. J


Look forward to seeing in you in 6 months, if I don’t need you sooner, but so far so good.

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