I was reluctant to try another hearing clinic as the process of testing & having ear moulds made, fitted & adjusted can be tedious, not to mention the great expense.

Value Hearing was a refreshing difference. My ears were professionally tested and I was efficiently fitted with a new pair that were substantially cheaper than the last company. They were also discreet which is important to me. Christo was sensitive to my unusual hearing loss with low sounds & worked patiently to adjust the aids until they were just right & suitable for my working conditions. His patience & determination to get the adjustment correct made me feel valued enormously. I can see why he gave his business the name it has. I had a fear of becoming dependent on the aids & deafer through wearing them. Whilst it was an initial shock to start hearing the world around me at a higher volume, I was able to trust in Christo’s words of wisdom that my brain would become rewired to hear at a level that is closer to normal. The kind support that all the staff at Value Hearing have given me, including all the free follow up appointments has been been invaluable. Having had two lots of hearings aids that have been highly effective for me, I wouldn’t risk going to another company.

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