Chris Graham – Tinnitus


Hearing Experience at Value Hearing

As I had never visited a hearing specialist before I thought it would be useful to arrange a couple of appointments, with different audiologists, to draw a comparison. This is something I would recommend to everyone as the quality of diagnosis and costs quoted at my two meetings varied enormously.

Over time I had become aware that what I was hearing increasingly lacked clarity. I would strain to hear and often ask people to repeat what they had said. What ultimately prompted me to arrange a meeting, however, was the onset of tinnitus (apparently hearing loss and tinnitus are often associated) which I was keen to suppress.

When hearing aids were suggested, my initial response, for purely cosmetic reasons was to seek implants. Unfortunately, the nature of my hearing loss was not compatible with this option. Bracing myself for what I thought would be some cumbersome alternatives I was pleasantly surprised at what is currently on the market. Technology has clearly made advances in this field, with very small, unobtrusive, “around the ear” options to choose from.  They are also available in a range of colours, which was useful in being able to select a shade that blended with my glasses.

When purchasing the hearing aids, I was offered a variety of after care packages. As this was a journey into the unknown I thought it would be sensible to opt for at least the One Year Package which includes adjustments and maintenance (this can be extended at the end of that year). I am so pleased I made this decision as I realise now achieving the optimum performance from hearing aids is an on- going process. For example, when I first attached the hearing aids the sounds around me and indeed my own voice, sounded overwhelmingly loud. This, I think, was a reflection on how much my own hearing had deteriorated. Rather than simply trying to live with this oppressively loud sound, the aids were adjusted down, to something both manageable and comfortable. Then over time, as the brain accommodates the changes, gradual readjustments upwards can be made. Obviously this requires a number of visits which were included in the after care package.

The hearing aids have also proven useful in diminishing my tinnitus. While they have not eradicated the problem, the reduction in tinnitus sound has enabled me to avoid focussing on it. This has reduced stress levels which in turn I feel has further reduced tinnitus levels.

I would like to thank Anna- Marie at Value Hearing for her tremendous support and guidance both at the diagnostic stage and in subsequent meetings. I found Anna- Marie extremely responsive to addressing my needs and making the necessary hearing aid adjustments along the way

Chris Graham – Tinnitus
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