CM Randwick




My previous hearing aid was originally from South Africa and being over 6 years old needed to be replaced. I started searching the Sydney hearing aid market, and contacted several suppliers. When I tried to get prices, they where reluctant to put anything in writing, but said prices start at about $ 4.5K up to $10K


On searching the net, I came across Value Hearing and its testimonials section. I e-mailed Value Hearing and within 24hrs received a reply as to what is my current hearing aid make is etc, so that they could quote me on similar models. I received the quotes shortly afterwards. The quotes where fully detailed with images and incremental pricing in a table format. Furthermore, all the technical attributes where detailed for each model.


I was so encouraged by this, that I immediately made an appointment with the Sydney branch. The Audiologist Pauline, gave me a complete and very thorough hearing test and suggested that I should consider the new mini BTE that is technically far superior that my old half shell ITC (in the canal). In addition, Pauline told me that the entry price model was more than sufficient to correct my type of hearing loss, and that buying any other more expensive and higher spec model would be a waste of money. How honestly refreshing is that ?!! Needless to say, I now have a new pair of mini BTE, and am absolutely delighted with the improvement in my hearing. I would have no hesitation, in recommending Value Hearing for their professionalism, integrity, and honesty. They really live up to their name Value Hearing

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