Coralie Gilmour


Hi Christo,


My experience with Value Hearing and in particular with yourself, gave back the confidence I needed in seeking advice about my hearing problems.  Tinnitus had been a real issue for me and trying to speak to other Hearing Clinics was very difficult as there did not appear to be the understanding of the condition.   I had hearing tests and quotes from two other clinics and then immediately felt the pressure to make a decision about purchasing hearing aids.  In fact, I almost felt harassed by staff to make a decision, having a time limit put on me.   Needless to say, I did not go ahead.


Then, I made enquiries with Value Hearing and here I am, one very happy customer who has learned the joy of being able to hear in noisy situations and feel more confident about talking in group situations.    The after-sales service was invaluable and again, any questions I had regarding my hearing aids and the use of them, were answered promptly and the advice given about little glitches were quickly resolved.


A sincere thank you for your professional approach in your area of expertise and for ensuring that at all times your clients feel cared for.

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