David J O’Connor


After subjecting my family to raised audio levels on the radio and television and constantly asking for them to repeat things, I began to realise that I certainly needed to improve my hearing, in fairness to them and myself. However I had reservations about wearing a hearing device, due I think to vanity. I did visit a couple of local hearing specialist stores in local malls but baulked at actually purchasing hearing aids. I then read about Value Hearing in Brisbane and booked an appointment with audiologist Anna Marie Marais. As well as having

an extensive series or hearing tests, to evaluate my hearing levels, the explanation was most competently explained. Suggestions were made yet under no pressure whatsoever and I was shown a range of products that would be best suited to my requirements.


After trying a number of devices I settled on a set of Unitron Moxi Hearing Aids that suited my budget and more importantly my hearing requirements. They are comfortable to wear and I am not at all self-conscious about wearing them and my hearing has greatly improved. The units have adjustable audio levels that make them ideal for home use and particularly at meetings or in a crowd situation where they can be adjusted easily and quickly.


My first reaction upon leaving Value Hearing and going out into the street was to hear birdsong clearly, something I never realised I had missed all those years. The after sales service and care is excellent. The battery life is good and the units are easy to maintain.

I was most impressed with Anna Marie’s thoroughly professional consultation and follow up calls. The staffs are friendly and competent and I can highly endorse that Value Hearing offer a thorough, comprehensive easily understood evaluation. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

David J O’Connor
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