Don Thornhill

Just a few lines to say thank you for restoring my hearing to almost as good as it was before my hearing started to fail fifteen years ago. The ”PHONAK” aids you supplied me with are the finest I have ever had. The first night I wore them I was at a social event which was very noisy and had loud music playing and yet I was able to hold a conversation without any difficulty at all which was something I had previously been unable to do. Also in the thorough and professional way in which you conducted my assessment, and your explanation of my hearing problem. The “iCom” digital wireless system which allows me to use my mobile phone through my hearing aids was an added bonus which means I no longer have to depend on other people to make my telephone calls.


I have been singing your praises to all my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with a hearing problem, also the fact that you saved me over four thousand dollars on a set I had previously been quoted by my former supplier. Once again Christo a heartfelt thank you from a very grateful client.Perth

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