Donald Aitchison


Thank you for your enquiry about my experience of Value Hearing.

I have found what is effectively a full day’s journey to Chatswood well worth the time.  Particularly, I appreciate the breaking out separately of the charges for hardware and aftercare.

My previous experience of audiologists had been consistently unsatisfactory.  For this reason it cost Mr Guildhary considerable time and patience to gain my complete confidence, but he has gained it.  As a clinician I should confidently recommend him.  He has clearly been hand-picked, which reinforces my confidence in your company.

As a retired medical practitioner it came easily to brush up the anatomy and physiology and then to gain some familiarity with the measurement of loss and the technology available to restore comprehension so far as that might be possible.   (It was thus that I found myself having to insist that a previous audiologist measured feedback threshold as specifically recommended  on the manufacturer’s website, rather than allow the software to estimate it).    It might be useful for your website to include a section introducing clients to the fundamentals of what you are measuring and the limits of what works in improving perception and comprehension.

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