My experience with Value Hearing.


I contacted Value Hearing for a hearing assessment at age 75 because I realised that I was not hearing music as brightly as 10 years earlier. My wife has worn hearing aids for about 10 years, first Oticon and then Resound from two different companies with multiple hearing centre outlets around Melbourne. She received a cursory free hearing test and was recommended into top end aids by the audiologist. Her hearing loss is low to moderate with no abnormalities. Having accompanied my wife during her audiologist visits, I was unsure what I would get from Value Hearing. My research on hearing aids had established that prices in Australia were up to 3 times overseas prices and that I would need to bargain strongly to get a fair deal.  I thought that for music fidelity, the Signia 7 Primax Cellion would be a good choice (based on reviews) and was prepared to buy the top of the range thinking that the higher the technology level, the better the result.

The first contact with Value Hearing was with the owner Christo Fourie. He gave me a quote to supply the Signia aids but said they were not the best choice for music fidelity. Christo has a comprehensive knowledge of hearing aid technology and gave convincing reasons for his opinion. Be aware that it is impossible find technical information about hearing aids on the web. Technical data is only provided to audiologists when requested by them.

My first appointment with Value Hearing lasted 90 minutes versus the 30 minute tests that my wife had received. I felt I had been treated professionally and that all aspects of my hearing had been tested. My audiogram revealed that my hearing was satisfactory in the normal speech range but dropped off in the higher frequencies explaining why my music fidelity was suffering. A report was sent to my GP with my consent.

Then the surprise!

The Value Hearing audiologist (Michael) recommended that for my hearing, the top of the range aids would be an over kill and that the lowest cost entry point aids would be appropriate.  He fitted me with his recommendation and told me to return them for full refund or upgrade to a higher model if I was not happy. Needles to say I still have them 5 months later and have spent one third of my initial budget. Music now sounds like it used to and I can hear much better in noisy situations.

Value Hearing pride themselves in recommending the best price performance aids for their patients hearing condition. They do not over sell. Everything is clearly explained and you feel you can trust them. I did not intend to buy at my first appointment, but found no reason not to. I did not have to barter on price.

Value Hearing has my absolute recommendation.


Noel A

My experience with Value Hearing.
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