G. Nicholls



It was time for new hearing aids and the previous pair had cost $10,000, so I was not happy about having to do it again. Then I started seeing Value Hearing’s ads on Facebook. The offer was EXACTLY what I was after – great quality hearing aids at a sensible price.


Organising the consultation was easy and in fact my first consultation was just a tweak of the settings on my old hearing aids while I got the whole story on what I could move to. Six months later, it was time to move on, so after another consultation and re-check of my hearing, my new aids were supplied.  I’m delighted with the sound quality, the ease, and most of all – the price.  It was about one third of what I paid for the previous pair – 9 years ago.


I now happily recommend Value Hearing to anyone I know who needs hearing aids, because of the extensive range of quality aids, and the reasonable pricing.

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