I just wanted to formally thank both of you for a wonderful experience.


It was fantastic to get more than a fancy reception area and not much else from a hearing aid provider. For the first time in a long time I feel confident that my experience will improve because I feel I am working as part of a team with you guys rather than be told we are the experts so shut up and take what we give you.


The whole hearing test session was so professional I was shocked (considering recent experience) as not only was decent equipment used (rather than wires hanging all over me that worked and sometimes don’t – don’t get me started) but it was handled professionally by an audiologist that showed CARE for his client and actually didn’t have to call someone else to seek advice.


The presentation of the findings helped me understand better where I am at and what my options are, solutions rather than buck passing. In the 3 years I have had my Phonak Naidas hearing aids I have not had as helpful a discussion as I did today.


Thanks again and keep up the great work, please pass my congratulations along to the principles of your company. You haven’t just earned a new customer, you have won an advocate which is the best type of customer to have!

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