Geni F

I would like to give you some feedback about my experience with your Audiologist in Brisbane.


Anna-Marie is AMAZING!!!


She is an absolute treasure! (Definitely worth more, more, more)


I have had a rough 18 months with Breast cancer treatment and losing all my hearing in the left ear last year due to shingles. I was devastated with my hearing loss as I drive trains for a living and I am a musician. I was referred to a pig of an ENT specialist who then referred me to a hearing solution company that was pathetic. (Owned by ENT’s)

My experience with them was appalling! Even tho’ they let me trial the Phonak q90 and Cros –aid they never followed up and didn’t even give me any instruction.

Even the ridiculous quote they gave me was on a blank piece of paper!


I contacted a few other hearing places as well.


I did a lot of research on the internet and contacted people around the world looking for Hearing aid options,new technology and of course a good price- a ‘FAIR’ price.

Luckily I found Value hearing and emailed straight away. I was at the end of it all and still very devastated about my hearing loss.


Jodie replied with a quote straight away. I was impressed!


She followed up with more emails and information about your business- I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It really sounded too good to be true… I was very familiar with that sort of internet marketing and thought- ‘here we go’.


But I just had to make an appointment!


So I met Anna-Marie and my world has changed. I have been saved from depression about my hearing.


She had more knowledge than anyone I met or contacted. She told me things before I could even ask! WOW!!!


Anna-Marie could sense my deep sadness and sense of loss and has changed my life! Not just with her expert knowledge of hearing aids but her understanding of what I was going through.


I could write pages of all the wonderful things she has said and how she has educated me with my hearing loss but I’ll try not to. (I’m also still very emotional about it crying as I write this)


Just know you have the most amazing ‘person’ working for you who is helping people hear better! As she said ‘my job is to help you hear better’ and she has! She also said ‘ I am here for you’.


Powerful words that are so passionate!


I am hearing better!


Thankyou so much


Kind Regards Geni F

Phonak q50 and Cros. Brisbane AM


I wish I could do or say more but know I will recommend you to everyone!

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