I’ve only been a Value Hearing customer for just over 2 weeks but have wanted to get a few things

down in writing before I forget them! J


I had known that my hearing was not fantastic and had slowly been getting worse for a number of

years, exacerbated by the fact that I was pretty much deaf in one ear due to an acoustic neuroma.


I woke one morning a few months ago and noticed a step diminishment in the hearing in my “good”

ear, something that had happened a few times in the previous few years but would then return to

it’s previous level after a few days. This time it didn’t.


It prompted me to ask about this next time I saw my GP, on the off chance there was a wax plug or

something similar to explain it. However my ear was clear so my GP recommended a hearing test

and gave me the contact details of a nearby clinic.


I was very happy with the service I received at this clinic. As well as the basic hearing test I was tested

for speech recognition, etc. The audiologist was very professional and explained things well. I was

given a quote for 4 different hearing aid options (I later discovered that these were all from the same

manufacturer). The most expensive option was the Juna 9 hearing aid @ $6,300 for one.


I then spent the next week googling information about hearing aids, hearing loss, and costs.


It soon became apparent, mainly from discussions I saw in some user forums, that things were not always

as they appeared. I was also concerned about the link between some hearing clinics and hearing aid

manufacturers. This prompted me to use the “ask for a quote” button on the web sites of a number

of local Perth hearing clinics, specifically for the Juna 9 aid mentioned above in the original quote.


I received an immediate email response from Value Hearing acknowledging my request, and letting

me know that I would receive a quote soon. An automated response no doubt, but reassuring all

the same. The next day Jodie (Shipard) emailed me with the quote, along with other information

about Vaule Hearing (I only received a response from 1 other clinic, and that was 4 days later).


Imagine my surprise when the quote for the same Juna 9 hearing aid was $6950 for a PAIR, compared

with $6300 for ONE from the original hearing clinic I was tested at. I replied to Jodie saying I actually

only needed one, due to being deaf in one ear, and cheekily asked if one aid would be half that price

(not expecting that it would be). The reply was basically yes (+$250). But more importantly Jodie mentioned

that as I had no hearing in one ear there was the option of a Cros, made by Phonak. This was never

even mentioned by the other clinic, obviously as their “brand” did not have that type of unit/technology.


I then decided to take up Value Hearing’s offer of a  free hearing aid discussion with an audiologist.

This is when I met Emily (Cook). Now I’m not sure exactly how long these free discussions are meant to

last but 1 ½  hours later I left Emily’s office! In the end, even though I had my previous results, Emily

essentially retested my hearing, including a much more thorough speech recognition section than

my original test at the other clinic. She also provided her suggestions and recommendations as to what

she thought was the best solution for me, along with some quotes with varying support levels.


I was ready to sign up there and then but just wanted to go through a couple of things with my

Financial Director (wife! J) first. The next day I contacted Value Hearing to say that I wanted to go

ahead with the purchase of the Phonak V70 with the Phonak CROS II.


A week later Emily fitted me with my hearing aids.  Wow, what a difference. It only took me a day to

get used to them. The CROS II works really well. I can’t believe how bad it sounds when I take them

off now. I had to tell the family to stop shouting at me, as I can hear them now. I can also listen to the TV

at the same volume level with them as well. No-one really notices them, but I happily point them

out and tell people how great they are, and the story of the cost and of clinics and manufacturers.


I shouldn’t forget to mention Madi (Rowe), who has also been very helpful in setting up appointments

and reminders.


I’m due for my first “tune up” appointment with Emily this week and can’t help but look

forward to it. She’s back from a 2 week holiday that I hope she’s enjoyed. J


In summary, great prices, but just as (or more) important has been the service. Both in terms

of quality and responsiveness. The other big plus obviously is being independent of all the hearing

aid manufacturers, and therefore being able to really tailor a solution specific to the individual

and their unique hearing loss characteristics.


Thanks to everyone

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